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18 hours ago, Stigweard said:

Sorry to keep bringing this thread back up as I know you've all seen it already but that Christmas episode was incredible, I laughed so much. Probably my favourite episode so far.


The Claymation one?

Jesus that was good.


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47 minutes ago, makkuwata said:

It’s been a while since my last rewatch, but I don’t know that I ever saw a dip in quality. As a meta show the baggage increases with every episode to the point where it starts to eat it’s own tail but that’s the fun!


OK, there's nothing terrible in there, but there's definitely a bit of disappointment when a number of cast members leave. The only episode I can think of that I think didn't really do it for me was the one with Jason Alexander / George Costanza in it, coincidentally in Season 4 when the creator, Dan Harmon, had left. That felt like they were aping the wackiness of the earlier episodes without really getting it. Still worth watching, though.


Having said that, I've only watched it the one time through and I haven't watched the last season yet, so here's to doing it all again.

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At the time I remember thinking it was running out of steam by the end of S3, and never bothered with the 'gas leak' year as a result. I've still not seen S4 but skipped ahead to S5 & S6 and think they've been excellent. They dealt with the various cast departures really well,  and the show was allowed to grow in different directions as a result.


It's was a bit jarring to see S6 was clearly filmed somewhere else though, the lighting setup is completely different. I think it might be back in the original study room location rather than a studio.

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Calligraphy would have been a good choice, but no Pierce :-( Still, cannot wait for this. I'm getting really strong movie vibes with the renewed interest in the show. Absolutely my favourite TV show of all time, there's something genuinely brilliant about it, absolute lightening in a bottle stuff.

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