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rllmuk FC


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Yeah i'd be up for joining.

it would be good if we could do a set of BAP players that only got the stat boosts as it where while playing in the rllmuk games .(otherwise playes would whore the single player game to get an advantage)

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This Virtual Pro stuff is horribly unbalanced for defenders.

Even though I'm playing as RB, any pass the opposition makes in my half of the pitch = minus points.

They play a ball down the left wing? Minus Points.

Their right winger takes a shot? Minus Points.

Your CB commits a foul? Minus Points.

Your DM misses a tackle? Minus Points.

You press the A button to skip a replay and your player asks for a pass. Guess what? Minus Points.

Here's my stats from the Millwall v Exeter game I just played:

Passes: 17/18

Dribbles: 6/6

Tackles: 5/5

Opposition shots: 2

Clean sheet kept: Yes.

Overall rating? 4.2


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Ive just put an invite in.

First football game Ive bought in about 10 years and Im amazed at the 10 v 10 mode (even with the rubbish randoms Ive been playing with) and would love to get involved with some matches with rllmuk people.

Defense is preffered position for me.

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rllmuk FC has been created!

To join, pop your name in here or send a request to join via the game.

Unless you really want to retain individual club stats, I don't think having separate clubs for each BAP team really adds much. I'm not even sure if BAP teams will want to use clubs, given the changes from last year.

Is the system still under consideration for future BAP leagues?

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