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Your favourite sports game commentary


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On 12/10/2009 at 18:05, Troublegum said:

[Martin Brundle's only line in F1 97] You're right there, Murray! [/Martin Brundle's only line in F1 97]

Glad I checked, I came here to post this but have been beaten to it by 15 years!  The reason it stuck in my mind so hard was  because they did F1 1997 with the Murray Walker commentary, then the following year we had a Sony rep in the store saying they were doing some amazing work with a 2 person commentary where Martin and Murray actually banter between themselves, much more natural than the first and loads of dialogue to link the two commentators. She said it was really authentic  , natural and realistic.


Then the game came out and the commentary was just the same as the first game  but occasionally after a Murray line, Martin would say "you're right there, Murray", or "You're not wrong there, Murray".  It was soooo shit.  

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Not technically commentary but......


The general sound effects and especially the gibberish crowd chants on Emelyn Hughes International Soccer on the Amiga. “Theeeeeere’s only one WERNEY, WERNEY”! 

Speedball 2’s - “ICE CREAM......ICE CREAM”. 

Best commentator ever though (on any game.....FACT) is this dude......



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On 10/10/2009 at 15:44, PyramidFace said:

ISS/PES is the king of in-game commentary surely. Here's a few of my favourite lines:



"Once again that goes back to the age old debate about referees who haven't played the game at the highest level"

"They're going at it hammer and tongs"


Peter Brackley, you legend.

RIP Peter ☹️

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