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Was listening to an episode of Time Crisis with Ezra Koenig (from Vampire Weekend) a few days ago and he mentioned that Vampire Weekend initially was approached to deliver the P&R theme song. They wanted to use M79 as the opening but somehow it didn't work out, but it's funny how much alike that song and the actual theme song are. Never knew that before.




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I really love the extended P+R theme for some reason. The little shift into a minor is quite nice. 


I'm glad this thread is still going because I'm in the process of rewatching the lot - I started at the end of season 2 (where Ben and Chris show up) and carried on until the end, now I'm watching 1 and the remainder of 2.


It's a bit weird because I've rewatched before in this order, bar the season one/early season two stuff purely because I can remember not liking it that much, but it's slightly reversed this time around. 


The seasonal rot starts to hit about season 5 or late in 4 - Ben for my money is the best of the lot, but then he's the straight man so doesn't really have to do that much. All the characters start to feel like parodies and they have to maximise the subcharacters of Jerry and Donna who are ok but not really worth whole eps. The only person who's favour it works in is Andy who's silly to begin with - but gets a lot sillier/borderline mentally ill - and maybe Leslie, who doesn't change TOO drastically but changes from hyper-organised bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur to hyper-organised superwoman. Chris irritated me a lot which was a shame because the first time I watched it he was my favourite character but this might stem from me now knowing Rob Lowe is a prick. 


In contrast, season 1-2 seem to have aged pretty well. Sure Mark is a dick but he's more than balanced out by Dave, who's just perfection as a character. The writing is tight, there's a lot more emphasis on cringe (especially in S1) and they actually seem to have a vague direction about the overall plot. 


Season 3-4 is still the sweet spot but it's made me like the older episodes more. 

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Yeah S1 is only a bit iffy when compared to series 2/3, next to most other sitcoms it's still grand.


Agree about Andy, he has a bit of a Homer Simpson character trajectory. That Johnny Karate episode is by far the worst.

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This show was just fantastic. I watched every single season back to back a little over a year ago and I was so sad when it ended. I've never been much of US comedy shows fan excluding Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and Scrubs so it was refreshing to find one that I enjoyed so much. Andy and Ron were my favourite characters . 

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1 hour ago, Charliemouse said:

Finding a legal way to watch Community without having to buy the DVDs is such a pain in the arse, if it was on any of the streaming services, I would happily never stop watching the first few seasons.


Some seasons of Community used to be included with Amazon Prime Video, until a couple of years ago. Now the Amazon Video price is about £6 per season.

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7 minutes ago, Mr Cochese said:

Ominous paragraphing, as inexplicable as it is ominous.


the first line is intent

the second line is opportunity

the thread is motive


and entirely fatal. I stopped watching shortly thereafter.



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Just completed my second run through of this and it was even more funnier the second time arround for me (and I loved it first time).


Ron Swanson is who I try and model my management skills on with the team below me 


On a side note also just watched master of none both seasons  on Netflix  with and by  Aziz Ansari (tom) and it was a great show hoping for a third season 


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