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West Ham 2 - 0 PSV

siread v shoes

West Ham got off to a flying start with a headed goal from Ashton after just 6 mins. Dyer supplied the cross and Ashton had time and space to nod it home. Jimenez put the Hammers in a comfortable position just before half time with a scrambled goal from a corner. PSV posed a threat on the break but rarely threatened Green's goal and failed to notch up a shot on target.

PSV 0 - 2 West Ham

shoes v siread

It was a case of different game, same result in the return leg. PSV were much more solid this time around but it was just a matter of time before The Hammers broke the deadlock. Again they scored just before half time through Ashton. He'd had a hatful of half chances but when the defence opened up he finished it cooly. PSV ramped up the effort in the second half, pushing everyone forward and feeding crosses to the big man up front. West Ham though were sharp on the break and it was Dyer, who is in blistering form under new manager Si Read, that scored the deciding goal. He broke away down the right wing and was able to drive his way into the penalty box and float a delightful chip into the far corner beyond the keeper and flailing defender.

CFTGs mate. Really tough games, especially the second one.

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You owned me in the first, even though for the second goal my keeper jumped in to my defender, but I so wanted something from the return leg. We pressed and pressed, which left us open quite a bit, but we just couldn't get the ball in the net.

I do seem to struggle against guys who have got the old 'get a player to press while you manually anticipate the pass' technique down. Which is why I won't get anywhere this year, I guess.

Good games, though, dude.

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Claridge Predicts!

508.gifWest Ham (Siread) vs. PSV (Shoes)90.gif

West Ham have had a strong start in both the league and cup, progressing in the Europa Cup with a comfortable 2-0 win and taking three points off promotion candidates Sunderland. PSV, widely tipped to go down, did well to beat Fulham in the opening round so they shouldn't be written off.

Claridge predicts:

Six points for the Hammers

West Ham 2 - 0 PSV

PSV 0 - 2 West Ham

Stevie C is on fire!

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Fenerbahce v Stuttgart is tentatively scheduled for this weekend.

I'm happy to start the season with 4 points from my opening fixtures with DangerM. After Billy comes another one of the new boys to League 2 in Nathan. With him being most peoples favourite for the title it's going to be an interesting tussle, especially this early in the season.

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1899 Hoffenheim (Harbey) 2-0 Sunderland (OneDaveBamber)

Following their cup encounter in which the Wearsiders emerged victorious, 'The Hoff' were eager to avenge their defeat in this league meeting. Hoffenheim had yet to kick off their league season, while the Mackems had won one and lost one from their opening two fixtures. In a close first half, both had their chances with neither side able to break the deadlock, Sunderland's strikers being particularly wasteful. The Sinsheim club punished their opponents in the second period with two goals in quick succession, Sunderland unable to find a response, despite more good opportunities.

Sunderland (OneDaveBamber) 2-2 1899 Hoffenheim (Harbey)

Hoffenheim began the return fixture with all the momentum in their favour, and this good fortune continued in the Wearside drizzle. An early free-kick was awarded to the Germans and they took full advantage, with a little help from Sunderland 'keeper Martin Fulop. As the ball skidded off the damp turf, Fulop completely misjudged the bounced and allowed the ball to slip through his legs. Hoffenheim soon doubled their advantage with Fulop being chipped from 15 yards. However, this seemed to shock the Mackems into action as they began to fight back. Almost instantly after the restart Kenwyne Jones levelled things up with a neat turn and finish. And with just five minutes left on the clock, Jones scored the equaliser. Both teams had chances to snatch a late winner but the clock ran down to leave each side with just a point to show for their efforts in a highly entertaining encounter.

Cheers for the games Harbey. I'd say I was a little unfortunate not to take three points from the two games, the number of chances I missed was beyond belief, but you were much more ruthless and punished my mistakes. As I said, I think it'll be a really close league and a lot of teams will take points off each other.

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Manager Bio:

Manager: Jamie van der Smith

Nationality: Dutch (adopted nation)

Hometown: Middlesbrough

Team: Palermo

Division: League Two

Gamertag: smithstock

Team Name: Multiple Scorgasms

After League Two manager *chin* left his position at Palermo, Jamie van der Smith was the highest profile named to be linked with the job. Although there was speculation that he had been scouting Newcastle, West Brom and hometown Middlesbrough as potential league replacements. Van der Smith had this to say on the matter:

SMITH: 'First of all, I don't need to be here. I don't have to be here - I WANT to be here. It's absolute nonsense (speaking about the other teams) I had sitten up and taken notice of Palermo as soon as I heard of the vacancy.'

PRESS: 'Mr Smith, currently you are unbeaten in 8 friendly games with Palermo since your opening day loss in a friendly to league rival NathanondaSpitRoast, how do you feel you will fair?'

SMITH: 'Obviously Nathan is the favourite for the title but you forgot to mention that in the rematch, we won by a solid 4-1 scoreline. You also forgot to mention that his win was in extra time - something which won't be allowed in the league. Nathan aside, I've been scouting players and teams within the league - Lets just say I won't accept anything less than promotion.'

PRESS: 'Currently Palermo are dead bottom of league two from two opening day defeats under Chin's regime - how is this affecting your squad or indeed, how other manager's see your team?'

SMITH: 'Well, I took this job on because I know how good the team is - even if the league doesn't currently represent that. This is a marathon, not a sprint and as long as I can win against the strongest teams, we can climb to the top of the table.'

PRESS: 'Do you mind if we ask about your tactics for your upcoming season?'

SMITH: Score more than them. We have a leaky defence, but that is cancelled out by a superb strike-force. The little and large combo. I don't see scoring goals being a problem in this team, but I'm still trying to find the right formula to stop conceding soft goals. I've also recalled Bresciano from the bench - he is our play maker and when the ball gets to him, the opposition knows a goal is coming. Many player's know I am a free kick specialist, so they need to be careful when I'm on the edge of their box.


Mark Bresciano, above. Recalled back into the fold.

PRESS: Finally Mr Smith, many critics felt that you would not be able to carry over your solid form from playing on Playstation - what do you have to say about this?

SMITH: I will admit, at first I was lost - I couldn't get to grips with the change in controller. I even gave up club management to concentrate on my solo career. I now realise how much I missed running a club and have made it my goal to get back to my best. I haven't been playing well recently, but still grinding out the wins. That is the sign of a great manager. Thats all I have time for now.

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Claridge Predicts!

Week Three


Last Week's Results

Another pitiful effort from League Two clubs, with only 3 of this weeks set of fixtures being fulfilled. Out of the 6 results, Steve got 4 right - only his pre-season favourites Sunderland let him down.

Week Before Last's Results

With two more sets of fixtures now completed, Steve has now correctly predicted 6 out of the 10 Week One ties. Sampdoria's ongoing problems with their stadium mean their early fixtures remain uncompleted.

Going into Week Three, Steve has cast his expert eye over the forthcoming matches...

76.gifSampdoria (Slotter) vs. Sunderland (OneDaveBamber)516.gif

With no results yet to speak of, it's hard to anticipate just how Sampdoria will get on this season. Meanwhile, Sunderland may have to readjust their previously high expectations and will now be focusing on merely a top half finish.

Claridge predicts:

Three points each

749.gif1899 Hoffenheim (Harbey) vs. PSV (Shoes)90.gif

A strong set of results for the German side last week will mean they go into these games with confidence. PSV were outplayed by West Ham and they will struggle to recover in time for this encounter.

Claridge predicts:

Four points for 'The Hoff'

508.gifWest Ham (Siread) vs. Palermo (jdog24)73.gif

In an eventful week in Italy, *chin* has left Palermo and has been replaced by up-and-coming manager jdog24. jdog has bags of potential and should give the Hammers a stiff test.

Claridge predicts:

A win and a loss for Palermo's new boss

10.gifFulham (ASM) vs. Espanyol (DangerM)112.gif

Both sides have had indifferent starts and will be hoping to kick-start their seasons in this tie. Likely to be two very close games.

Claridge predicts:

Three points apiece

56.gifVfb Stuttgart (Billy Brown) vs. Schalke 04 (Alshie)55.gif

In this all-German encounter the passion will be as high as for any other fixture in this division. Schalke are currently top of the pile while Stuttgart are languishing in 12th place, but for this derby fixture form could go out of the window.

Claridge predicts:

Schalke to take four points

625.gifFenerbahce (AlfromSleep) vs. Ajax (Nathan)80.gif

These two teams are fancied to be involved in the promotion shake-up come the end of the season so the outcome of these games could be crucial. Sure to be a cracker, this could go either way.

Claridge predicts:

Honours even - two draws

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Alshie, ASM and Siread - Can we get our games played tommorow? I haven't got my access to the football league site yet still, but we can post the results on here. I can be online from 7/8 onwards tomorrow night (Tuesday) let me know!

Hi jdog24, welcome to the league.

I'm out tomorrow night, but I can do Wednesday night? Can you play at 9pm?

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Tomorrow is no good for me I'm afraid, I can do tonight from 7 if that suits but I'm not about for the rest of this week, it'll be Sunday before I'm free.

Don't panic about the outstanding fixtures, plenty of time to catch up!

EDIT: Oh yeah, welcome to the league, I've heard you're going to be in the promotion mix which is going to make the league even tighter. Good luck.

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Hello lads ;)

Alshie - I can be on for 7 tonight, but I'll have to sweet talk the missus! - if not sunday is fine yeah. I will say tonight at 7 for now, I'll let you know later this afternoon if that changes.

ASM - I'm at my dad's birthday sesh on Wednesday, any other suggestions? Thurs, Fri and Sunday I will be free on the evenings.

I know there's no rush in getting them played - it's just that I'd like to get mine at the way ASAP!

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Sorry. I've just remembered I have a guy coming to measure up the house for some new blinds... Worst excuse ever!

He's due between 7 and 8 so I can't commit to 7. I may well be done but 830 would be safer, I am free all day Sunday though...

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Evening all. I'm getting somewhere with my DSL connection. Tried to play Hereticboy earlier as a test and had zero lag but had a random disconnection. Found similar issues on-line so have tried a fix, just seeing if it holds! Going to give it a few hours then I'll try and see if we can get a game going as a test.

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mine/chins are overdue :P

got knocked out of the cup bcause of it :D I still dont have my login for the site yet, hoping Alshie will be on ASAP!


Palermo (jdog24) 2 v 1 Schalke (Alshie)




Before I start, both games were a bad advert for finishing. This game could quite easily have been 5-5, the number of 1 on 1's, chips and near misses was ridiculous. Both teams were at each other's throats for the full match. I now know that Palermo cannot compete in the air! :( Blasi opened the scoring for Palermo with a shot in the box, with Farfan scoring an awesome header! Back and forth for the rest of the match, many chances were missed. In the 90th minute, star man Miccoli got the ball on the near side of the box and curled it to the far corner for a cruel end to a chance filled match.

Schalke (Alshie) 1 v 4 (jdog24) Palermo






This match started in the same vein, although Schalke had changed formation. Much more space was apparent for both teams and in turn, lots of chances were once again wasted. Miccoli opened the scoring with a 26-yard free kick, Kuranyi equalising with a header. From a training ground corner, Kjaer on the near post controlled the cross and fired it in. At this point, both teams were still at it head to head. Both Cavani managed to get through and score a third, at this point it was game over for Schalke with Cavani scoring again to make it 4-1.

Well played Alshie, both of us know both games could have been 5-5 or something ridiculous. Good luck for the season man, well played! (and sorry again about that cruel rule - the chin results scrubbed off :( )

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Palermo(Jdog) 2 -1 Schalke (Alshie)

Schalke 1 - 4 Palermo

Schalke Fans trash stadium after losing replayed fixture

Schalke fans ran riot on the streets of Palermo last night as Schalke slumped to a 3rd successive defeat. A classy palermo side outplayed Schalke for large periods and got their rewards with 2 wins to kick start their stuttering season. Schalke go from 9 points to 3 points as their earlier wins over Palermo are cancelled out due to a rules infringement :P

Game one was a tight affair with a glut of missed chances by both teams. Neither team seemed willing to break the deadlock with both sets of strikers wasting glorious opportunities to open the scoring. It was palermo who went in front thanks to a well worked move that carved open the German defence leaving Neuer stranded as the ball rifled into the net.

Schalke pulled level soon after when Far Fan looked more hungry to win an aerial ball in the Palermo box and nodded home. it remained at 1-1 until the 90th minute when Miccoli curled a beautiful shot from about 20 yards into the top corner. 2-1 Palermo it finished.

Game 2 was tighter than the scoreline suggested for long periods. Once again Palermo opened the scoring - this time star player Miccoli curled in a sweet free kick. Again Schalke drew level via a header this time Kuranyi nodding home from a Far Fan cross.

Schalke changed formation a t half time, looking to put more pressure on Palermo's goal. Chances were increased but wasteful finishing kept the score level until Palermo scored form a corner. A short chipped corner was taken on the chest by some italian dude and hooked into the German net. Schalke pushed for the equaliser but couldn't find it and instead conceded a further 2 goals to the classy italian outfit. Kuranyi was denied a consolation when a nice angled chip came back of the bar late on.

Disappointment for Schalke with the only consolation being that this Palermo side under new manager JDog will surely take more scalps as the season progresses.

Good games, bad finishing from both teams until you found your range in game 2. Good luck with your season.

EDIT Just to be clear, I don't mind replaying these, just having a laugh - don't want to look like a bitter old man. :D

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