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Good news (touches wood)! Just completed a game with Alshie and although it was a bit laggy we both thought it was ok and playable. So...hopefully I'm back. I'll arrange my delayed matches with those concerned ASAP.

It slowed down a bit in patches of the 2nd half, I would have been quite happy to play this as a league game though. Obviously your two goals were when I couldn't respond due to lag.... :P

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Fenerbahce prepare for tonights triple header

A crunch night for Fenerbahce tonight with a League Cup tie against Bamberland being immediately followed by League 2 fixtures with Ajax, managed by Nathan.

'Whilst the League Cup is important to us, a high finish in League 2 is our priority. This does not mean we're taking Bamberland lightly as our fans are hurting after being knocked out of the Europa Cup at the weekend so we will be fielding a full strength side for this one'

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Schalke (Alshie) 1 -1 Stuttgart (Billy Brown)

Stuttgart 0 - 1 Schalke

Schalke drop more points

A season that started brightly for Schalke is in danger of coming off the rails as more points were spilled in last nights all German encounter. Schalke started the first game brightly and took an early lead through Kuranyi after a nice passing move found him with space in the box to curl home. Stuttgart seemed spurred on by the early setback and began to press aggressively. The pace of the Stuttgart forward line was showing up the plodding Schalke defence and their were a few last ditch tackles to prevent an equaliser. The equaliser eventually came late in the first half through Progenyback(??) who rattled a strike in off the post just before the half time whistle.

Schalke swapped to a more aggressive formation at half time to try to take the game to the opposition, instead they found themselves under the cosh for much of the 2nd half and in the end were happy with the draw.

Game 2 was a pretty tight affair. Billy dominated most of the game with some good expansive passing play. Schalke got the lead after Lehman charged out of his box into no mans land and seemed to collide with his defender leaving Kuranyi in the clear to walk the ball home. A nightmare for Billy after about 3-4 minutes.

(As an aside I was torn over whether to put the ball home here or not as it seemed a bit cheap, in the end I did as I assumed Billy had brought Lehman out but it was a horrible goal to lose.)

Billy battered me for the rest of the game but Schalke hung on for a (slightly cheap) 1-0 win.

A bad day at the office for me, played much better against JDog and got nothing, played poorly against Billy and stole 4 points. Think I've blown any outside hope of promotion, hoping to sneak into the play-offs with a strong finish to the season.

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Hello lads :ph34r:

ASM - I'm at my dad's birthday sesh on Wednesday, any other suggestions? Thurs, Fri and Sunday I will be free on the evenings.

I know there's no rush in getting them played - it's just that I'd like to get mine at the way ASAP!

I'm out on Thursday, but I will be home on Friday night, how about 8pm?

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Ajax Trample Turkish in Thriller

Ajax(Nathan) 80.gif5-3 625.gifFenerbache(Alsleep)

In a thrilling game, Ajax edged out to take all three points and a step closer to the top of the league. The first half saw plenty of opportunities from both camps, but it was Ajax who came through first when a Suarez shot hit the crossbar and bounced out to a waiting Pantelic who slotted it into the net. Suarez netted not long after to double the home side's advantage. Before the stroke of half time saw Guiza calmly slot it into the net to make it 2-1.

Suarez made it three not long after the restart before Fenerbache added another to keep the turkish side in the game in this thrilling contest. Pantelic scored another to make it 4, and not long after Suarez clinched his hattrick to shake things up at the top, and give Ajax a much needed win. However Guiza had other ideas as he scored in the 84th minute to really shake the game up, but Ajax held on to the 5-3 win.


Suarez nets his first hattrick of the campaign

Fenerbache nick 2 points

Fenerbache(Alsleep) 625.gif3-3 80.gifAjax(Nathan)

Another thrilling game saw nothing between the two sides in the return leg. Ajax found themselves 2-0 up within 10 minutes with a stunning double that looked sure to make Ajax comfortable winners. Although Fenerbache had other ideas as they reacted quickly and netted 2 goals in quick succession, the second being a wonderstrike from the narrowest of angles. Ajax found themselves in the lead again before half time, with Gabri being brought down just outside of the box. Emanualson failed to net the freekick from 21 yards out, his strike bouncing off the crossbar, but Atouba rose highest and calmly headed it in the open goal.

The second half saw Ajax shut down ranks and try to defend their lead better, they also had plenty more chances to capitalise on their lead, but Fenerbache were equal to them and had just as many chances. It looked as though Ajax were to go in eventual winners, although this wasnt to be as Guiza struck in the 90th minute to make it 3-3. Ajax had no time to even try for another as the whistle blew from the restart, a dumbfounded Ajax wondering what will happen now.


Ajax celebrate going 2-0 ahead early on, although it wasnt their night

Brilliant games Al, the best ive played on Fifa 10, were sooooo enjoyable. Good luck in the rest of the season buddy

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Scored Comfirmed:

Ajax 5 - 3 Fenerbahce

A rollercoaster of a match. Ajax raced to a 2-0 lead but I managed to peg one back through Guiza before half time. After the third went in I managed to again get a goal back quickly through Andre Santos and then came really close to levelling things but Ajax managed to break and get a 4th then a 5th goal. A consolation effort by Andre Santos finished the scoring in this entertaining encounter.

Fenerbahce 3- 3 Ajax

Ajax once again took an early 2 goal lead through Suarez but the Turks go themselves right back into it with 2 goals in 2 minutes, firstly a slick move was neatly finished by Alex before a thunderbolt by Guiza from a really tight angle flew past the keeper to tie things up. Suarez completed his hat-trick on 26 minutes.

After the break both sides kept going at it and Alex came close to equalising with a powerful shot that rattle the crossbar.

As Fenerbache looked dead a late corner was collected by the Ajax keeper whos long throw was headed back to the edge of the box by Roberto Carlos to be picked up by the big centre back Lugano who slotted home the equaliser with almost the last kick of the ball

Cheers for the games mate, was brilliant end to end stuff in both games. The shots on target count was unreal. in the first I had 12 on target from 15 attempts and 10 from 18 in the second.

These performances were making me feel good going into my matches with Billy Brown's Stuttgart but, this was an illusion that was about to be shattered...............

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Stuttgart 3 - 1 Fenerbahce

I started this game strongly and took the lead though Guiza on the half hour. Stuttgart levelled things shortly after and never looked like losing the game from that point.

2 second half goals killed off the game and I simply coulnt find any way back into it.

Fenerbahce 1 - 5 Stuttgart

Crazy, crazy match this one.

I found myself 4 down before the half hour and was getting none of the ball. A Roberto Carlos effort on 49 minutes gave me fleeting thoughts of the comeback but this was finished when the Germans bagged a 5th goal soon after.

I created chance after chance but the defence was great, blocking many a shot a the home side tried in vain to make the scoreline respectable.

Sorry for the crappy report Billy, after those shocking perfomances I was a bit disheartened and didn't jot down any notes other than picking up that I somehow had more shots that you in that second game yet lost by 4 goals! for the ratings, I did check to see if you were on comms, no worries if you were unable to chat with it being so late

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Whats the general points needed for:

Promotion (1st or 2nd):

Play Offs:



In a typical 12 team league I would use these as guideline minimums:

title: 55+

2nd: 45+

playoffs: 30+ (but extremely variable, you'll need 35 or more to be sure)

Interestingly, this means that most people will be out of the title chase by now. With only 66 points available you can only drop about 11 to take the title. usually the top 2 or 3 emerge quite early in the season whereas the other places are far more changeable.

EDIT: I aimed for 45 points last season for promotion and that would have been enough, just. That's not a bad target as that's just over 2 a game.

To achieve that you really need to be picking up maximum points in at least 50% of fixtures as you will lose games. Very few people get through a season without losing at least a couple of games. 4 out of the 5 champions last season lost 2 games.

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This is why, unfortunately for Al (and my title prediction) he's out of the title race already. :unsure:

It's difficult to get the stats out exactely but last season I'm sure most (if not all) of the title winners took at least 15 points from the first 6 fixtures.

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This is why, unfortunately for Al (and my title prediction) he's out of the title race already. :unsure:

It's difficult to get the stats out exactely but last season I'm sure most (if not all) of the title winners took at least 15 points from the first 6 fixtures.

Yeah, sorry for letting you down already! After last night it's back to the drawing board tactics wise as I'm simply leaking too many goals.

Even if I was to somehow win all my remaining games, 53 points probably would still be too few for the title so my target is going to have to be a playoff place

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Hi jdog24, welcome to the league.

I'm out tomorrow night, but I can do Wednesday night? Can you play at 9pm?

Yo ASM, If you read this before the night's over :) are you free to play tonight? I was meant to be going to see the wife, but I'm doing that tomorrow instead. 9pm as you originally suggested?

Let me know matey! ;)

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Yo ASM, If you read this before the night's over :P are you free to play tonight? I was meant to be going to see the wife, but I'm doing that tomorrow instead. 9pm as you originally suggested?

Let me know matey! :)

Sorry mate - I've only just seen your message, are you about to play on Friday night?

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Ajax win in late thriller

(Dr Slotter)Sampdoria 76.gif1-5 80.gifAjax(Nathan)

A late night thriller of a game took place between Sampdoria and Ajax. The two parties agreed to the late games because of various problems. The first game started off well for both sides who were looking for an early goal, and Sampdoria were rewarded first with their first shot of the match being clamly slotted in with a minute on the clock. Ajax were looking for the quick equaliser, but found themselves shaken and just couldnt get any passing going, and it was Sampdoria dominating proceedings. A quick breakaway saw Suarez hitting a long range effort that bounced off the post and in the back of the net. Rejuvinated, Ajax continued to press and rewarded before half time when a Suarez shot was blocked by the Sampdoria keeper, only for the defender to lose his head and calmly chip it over him to put the away side in the lead. Ajax went in at the stroke of half time with an undeserved lead.

Ajax started off very brightly the second half and soon found themselves further in the lead, Pantelic powering past defenders and slotting home. The game then went to a stalemate as neither team could make anything of their possession. Ajax finally managed to finish in the 80th minute, Urbi Emanualson with some skill, cut inside and slotted into the empty net. Suarez capped off the scoring with 2minutes left on the clock with a fine effort.


Emanuelson makes it 4

Ajax go top of the league

(Nathan)Ajax 80.gif4-1 76.gifSampdoria(Dr Slotter)

The return leg saw a rejuvinated Ajax calm their nerves and start off very attacking, and being rewarded within 15 minutes of play, when an inform Suarez blasted it home. The game quickly fizzled out with not many shots from either side and the half ended at 1-0.

The second half started off with pretty much with the same attacking flair as the first, Ajax doubling their lead within the hour. Sampdoria quickly pulled their act together and made it 2-1 shortly after, sending Ajax into a panic. Another Sampdoria howler put Ajax further in the lead, this time the defender converting a corner into the top corner. Ajax finally netted their fourth in the 82nd minute to send them top of the league.


Luis Suarez celebrates after adding another 2 goals to his tally for the season

Good games Slotter, really enjoyed them and they werent without opportunities. Good luck in the rest of the league

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Someone needs to beat Nathan. :)

I did...for about 20 minutes :) Good report Nathan, I couldn't believe those two own goals :( A couple of those long range efforts from your striker were good goals and my defenders couldn't cope with your fast breaks for the others really. Although the results were correct, it would have been better for me if the half the goals I scored were actually in the right net...


"Whata doa youa meanion, I scorio in ze awronga goalio?"

It was good to get my seasons underway, albeit a losing one. Hopefully going to play Harbey over the next few days so will be almost up to date.

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