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Why all this Star Wars content on the Wii channels?


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I've noticed oodles of Starwars content on Nintendo's channels on the Wii recently...

**Everybody Votes surveys

Here are some of the most recent...

Have you ever tried to use The Force?

Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Did you see Episode Iv at the cinema?

What order should you watch the Star Wars films in?

**Mii Contests

Three of the last four contests have been, design a;

Luke Skywalker


Ben Kenobi

Turning on my Wii today, even the ad on the Wii Shop tile was for Super Empire Strikes Back...

I'm typing this on my Wii now and noticed it text autocompletes Lucasarts and Skywalker!

Haven't noticed a sponsored channel 'takeover' before, but that's all I can think it is.

What's next on Everybody Votes? Why do you visit Mcdonalds? Is it because of "the great, great taste" or "Because it's such great value"?

Arghh! It just autocompleted "Mcdonalds" for me! :omg:

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