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Left 4 Dead 2 (360), Sunday Night Versus


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If anyone's having trouble getting to grips with versus, scavenge is quite a good mode for learning the ropes - plenty of opportunities for ambushing survivors as you know they are confined to the same play area. It's not quite as frustrating for newbie infected as regular versus, where you have to contend with figuring out how to play effectively as each SI and choose a good ambush spot every time you respawn.

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I'm a maybe again lads, I didn't really get into the game last week. I think I can only really play Versus on Dead Center or some other random levels :lol:

come jamie get yourself on man, it will be fun :(

and plus ill know someone when playing as well :D

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Don't think it affected any of us.

Sorry for not kicking that random guy on our team, he wasn't a total idiot so I would have felt a bit bad about that. Plus, I think it would have put you on the other team anyway. We ended up winning the match :D We were pulling off some cracking attacks in map 4 and 5. I managed to slip through and run the bridge right to the end!

It's tricky to get 8 together on 360 but maybe the bot patch/DLC will rally everyone again. Good games tonight all, especially our flawless scavenge victory, Glocks! 100% win record for me once again :D:P

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No worries, Vert. There's always next week!

Thanks for a great game fellas :( My chargerism is improving, sort of.

The Charger's definitely the hardest to get to grips with, with maybe the Jockey close behind. It doesn't help that the Charger is, in a way, broken as it is. They've updated it on PC so that close proximity charges work as you intend a lot more. Until they eventually roll those changes out on 360, it's best to charge when the humans are all grouped together so getting at least one is more likely, or when they're travelling down a tight passageway.

CFTG's last night lads, enjoyed my first online encounter with you all and sorry i was so rubbish :)

will get practice in hopefully before next weeks games and hopefully be better

I think you were doing fine! On levels three and four you were markedly improved already at that point, as both Survivor and Infected. On the finale, it's probably my fault that I didn't explain the structure of the level better. It's a lot easier to get left behind in that since you have to keep moving. In all honestly, having a survivor or two lag behind does genuinely help those ahead since the infected then have to spawn in the vicinity of the trailing players (or at least their 'ghost' state starts there and they need to catch up to the leaders without pressing X to warp!).

Your general play and awareness were fine for a first-timer, it's only the layouts of the maps that caused you the most problems. Most people playing versus will have solid awareness of the direction they need to go. You're like me in that you wanted to explore every nook and cranny of every map and it was just bad luck that most of the time you took the worst turn possible!

Versus is at its best when your whole team, either survivors or infected, all 'click' at once and pull off a great attack or defence against a horde and special infected. We had loads of those moments in the second half of the game, I think!

* * *

Seems like the DLC is still set for release this month. But it is Valve, after all. I would guess that the consolidated update would be included alongside that on 360.

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