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Tekken 6


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Just had some cracking matches against randoms. Proper punished a christie with my snake style :). Got ruined by that bitch with the chainsaw hands tho . She was flying all over the level and owned me :(


When she does thwe move where she dashes up at an anggle, then down, just sidewalk the second part of the move, then kick her ribs in :D

Either the standard of play in this game has gone up a lot since the patch, or I'm just getting worse, as I'm losing an assload of matches against randoms now! Actually quite refreshing :P

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Played my first ranked match today. And won. I love jackie chan :)

He drives everyone completely insane, including me!

I've been learning Lili, she's an absolute machine. Most people get knocked down once and lose the round not knowing how to stand up.

Also, dem legs :wub:

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PSN is jmoid, feel free to friend me up, I'm usually on weekday daytime, but if anyone wants to set up a lobby sesh one evening/weekend I'd be up for it.

I'm maining Lili now too. Got fucked off with using cool-but-difficult characters, it's time for overpowered faporama spambitch to kick some Law-noobs heads off. "He must be the best cos he like looks like Bruce Lee innit!!!1" Yeah and you look like you just LOST, FOOL! Plus Lili's cool cos you can dress her up as a slutty punk chick.*

*You're wrong, there is nothing sad about a 37 year-old man making this statement.

awsome post :)

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Okay let me throw my hat into the arena. Mainly playing as Bob at moment, dressed up like a 20 stone pink power ranger (no not me!). Not much cop and my first real forray into the Tekken series.

On most evenings so give us a shout for some laid back friendly match ups.

Gamertag: Funtime Dave

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Same as my Borderlands post - just started if anyone is in the same boat. Usually playing as Law but looking to learn to play as Baek in the near future :lol:

Drop me an add for fights or scenario mode.

HAve they patched the scenario mode so you can do 2 player co-op now. It was mentioned in the pre release blurb buit not in finished product. CAn't recall if it has been updated or not.

Still have my copy lying about somewhere. I would join you, I ain't no Tekken god though.

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Didn't even know it had that problem Funtime, I played with my mate fine yesterday. 2-player co-op = no lag and stuff. Plus, both players get rewards.

E.g. If I'm Law and you are Eddy, whatever items you pick up are for Eddy and whatever items I pick up are for Law. But, we get both sets of items :lol:

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