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Transformers: War for Cybertron (PC/PS3/X360 & NDS/Wii)


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I watched the older G1 cartoons not too long ago with my little cousin (well the first series) and even though they've dated greatly they still have a charm and fun to them which the others don't have. I had heard that the Transformers: Animated series wasn't too bad but I detested it with a passion and just turned it off in disgust. I guess I'm just stuck in the past when it comes to the cartoons, funnily enough the only Transformers things I've enjoyed in recent years are the new films :lol: Really liked the demo for the Revenge Of The Fallen game as well so just waiting for it to go dirt cheap before picking that up, my cousin will enjoy playing that too.

You might enjoy this then:

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TBH it's not the game itself that got me pumped. It's the fact that there are voice actors being hired, new TF toys popping up that nobody recognizes and Hasbro having a new tv station that needs to be filled out with content...

In other words 2010 is going to be the best thing since... 2010!

[edit] This is the figure that leaked out some time ago:

It's now highly likely that this is supposed to be the new Optimus Prime alt mode from TWFC.

From the teaser trailer...


Looks spot on.

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Concept art:

This is the first of several character profiles we'll be running for Transformers: War For Cybertron, showcasing exclusive concept art and the new visual style that High Moon Studios is using in the game. We'll kick things off with everyone's favorite Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. You can check out his new vehicle form above and his robot form below.

Though Optimus is a powerful and respected Transformer at the start of War For Cybertron, he is not yet the leader of the Autobots. After a devastating Decepticon attack on his home city of Iacon, Optimus is forced to step up and help lead his people to victory – wherever that might be.

In robot form, Optimus' main weapon is the Ion Blaster, a special gun that's totally unique to him. His vehicle mode, on the other hand, resembles the truck we all know him as, but actually operates as a Cybertronian tank. His special abilities include Warcry and Mark Target. Though we're not entirely sure what these are yet, it sounds like they may be more focused on buffing allies than full-out assault.


Sounds like they are going for the RPG slant in action that CoD and others are sporting as well.

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Well indeed I was wrong. ROTF was made by Luxoflux for the 360/PS3.

Now High Moon did...Darkwatch...and The Bourne Conspiracy...wee?

I really liked The Bourne Conspiracy; it was fast, visceral and popcorn-ish in a good way, so that's me happy for now.

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That PS2 one was a pretty great game, right guys?

There were two, the Melbourne House game was shite (platforming sections in a mecha game, wtf?!?!?) and the Winky Soft game had no budget.


Robots aren’t people – Games like Assassin’s Creed and Gears of War may initially appear a good fit for re-appropriation when it comes to a mecha game, but they’re functionally very disparate approaches. The obvious and main problem is that the scale of mecha is several orders larger than that of a human, so the rule sets that define Marcus Fenix and Altaïr won’t fit to a considerably larger mecha. The mechanics aren’t scalable from one size to another. You’ll end up with controls that a noticeable input lag and all sorts of awkward camera problems, that’s just for starters. Even human sized power armour doesn’t fit, as the functional parameters are exaggerated within human scale – so you end up at the opposite end of the spectrum; like trying to control a rocket powered kite. Instead of just looking at sales data in regards to an aesthetic genre match (such as a third person shooter), someone somewhere needs to make an informed decision on whether that will actually work with large fictional robots (though in most cases, they won’t).

Make your mind up – Either make a standard third person shooter or a mecha game, don’t try a bizarre halfway house of both.

Real world physics shouldn’t be applied to imaginary objects – Mecha aren’t real and break many laws of physics, even the designs that try to be plausible. Using middleware like Havok and PhysX may seem like an obvious route to take, as it often works well with games focused around human protagonists, but with mecha it just doesn’t (look at what happened to Gundam Target in Sight if you don’t believe me, as that extensively used PhysX). Now there is an argument for successful implementation of real world physics middleware but it needs to be discerning and sympathetic with the fictional rule sets already well established. In short, until you know a lot more about the mecha mythos in general – leave real world physics well alone.

What it says on the tin – If the game’s title has “Transformers” written all over it, you might want to consider basing the game around a transformation mechanic and making it accessible to most gamers. Just an idea mind.

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Lots of people love the Melbourne House game. I have absolutely no idea why.

It was pretty, when it wasn't moving. It played like an utter dog though (but most people seem to ignore that if it has lots of pretty metaphorical fireworks).

I was lying, it wasn't great and I didn't even finish it. The first three or four levels I played seemed alright though.

What about the awful framerate? The inability to transform due to the awkward environment? The crap use of ragdoll physics?

The shite platform sections kicked off in the latter half of the game though, with one instance where you had to negotiate an entire section in the dark. Honestly, it was like trying to control a blind sumo wrestler.

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