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Best Looking Games Console...


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The Mattel Intellivision, of course!

Faux-mahogany and brass stylings meant it looked more like an electric bar fire than a games console, so it would never look out of place in any fine sitting room, and those delicious handsets with the spiral cord looked just like the top-of-the-range mobile telephones that were in fashion circa 1983.

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I always thought the PSone well designed:


This is the winner for me, and I say that as a Ninty fanboy who never owned a PS/1/one.

The Wii and DS Lite are joint runners up. I'm less keen on the looks of the DSi, the few small changes have undermined the clean simple appearance.

This is all subject to change next week when Santa brings me an iPod Touch and I declare it to be the best thing ever.

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Yeah, "give us some money and we can make your Xbox 360 look like any generic NAS server". Can't say it floats my boat... sorry.

The 360 looks like a cheap Akihabara knock-off of a non-existent console, and really out of place amongst the sleek black stylings of my TV/PS3/Wii/Hifi/Speakers. The matt plastic finish of the 360 looks and feels cheap, and the curvature of the chassis really bugs me, I hope we get a redesign of it at some point, I don't mind the size (or even the noise) but I'd rather it didn't look like it was designed by Mattel.

Most of the 360 case mods, including the one I linked, are fundamentally pretty pointless, but I'd love for it to look more like a "generic device". Let's be honest though, most consoles are pretty fugly in retrospect.

What's the ugliest console you've ever seen? This gets my vote:


Xbox 360 - Shades of babyshit edition.

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This thread has become "post any picture of a console". There was a sewing machine peripheral for a games console that never came out - I think it was by Daewoo and was pink :facepalm:



The build quality and simplicity of the GB Micro is still unsurpassed. Even the box it came in was lovely.

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And the cube was top loading which made it even more difficult to house. Why it had a carry handle too was really strange.

Without meaning to divert the thread too much: it made the Cube the ideal console to bring to your friends and play multiplayer, or to move down to the parents' TV when your friends are over. It was a great idea.

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I really liked the styling of the Cube but it felt really flimsy, cheap and... rattly.

Mega Drive 1 is far and away my favourite (surprise!). It doesn't look like a toy, a computer, or a piece of a stereo.

The DS and the PS3 Slim are nice, inoffensive pieces of industrial design.

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the wii looks so boring, though. it's a mass-market-focused chunk of bland design that only an ipod owner could love. games consoles should look crazy and tell you what they're about. the gamecube's an awesome example because its design is so playful; i really like the way the amount of space its controller ports take up on the front makes it look like it's all in miniature, and the contrast between its tidy but bright box and the controller with curves everywhere. that's great games console design. the original ps2 is another example - it's huge amd monolithic and sharp-edged and just looks intense standing there on your desk, like some stone-age equivalent of superman's fortress. it's like "bow down before the future of all entertainment, i am your god now". as for the controller, keeping the ps1 design may have been a crime against thumbs everywhere but it worked well in giving that feeling of continuity/evolution from the first console, which was for the most part uninspiring in its design. the ps2 just felt like such a massive step forward, even before you turn it on.

i never owned a ps2 but that and the gamecube would be my top picks. if i was in it for the nostalgia, though, i'd probably pick the megadrive 2 (black with red buttons just a perfect combination, and an awesome pad) and the n64 (insanely amazing "future of everything" pad, and the console looked like a spaceship/muscle car).

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