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I quite like the original Atari 800. Built like a tank due to the USA's strict RF interference laws which were laxed in the early 80's and hence the XL.


[EDIT] And 4 joystick ports :wub:

Yes! I got my hands on a handed down one of these, complete with a broken tape deck, and carts of Star Raiders and... Atari BASIC. :unsure:

I set it up years later, after my first Mega Drive broke down, and was rather pleased to discover that the worked with MD controllers, with the D-Pad and B button acting as joystick and action button. I wish I knew what happened to it after that. :(

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...until you hook them up, look at the wires and leads coming out in all directions, and realise that precisely zero thought has gone into the design.


:quote: :quote: :quote:

And plenty of thought went into the design of the original/core grafxs, theres a whopping big expansion bus on the back to hook up the rather spiffy cd addon

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