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The steam christmas sale has BEGUN

chris on the moon

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Well so far I have bought

Orange Box £9

Bioshock £3

Streetfighter IV £9

Red Alert 3 £7

I'm quite happy with all these deals as I was looking for these games about online and I even managed to pick up Resident Evil 5 for £10 in a box with a voucher so overall my post Christmas Gaming Quest has been a total success!

However Bioshock was downloading at 500 KB/s 15 mins ago and has went right back down to 75KB/s

Is anyone else having problems with download speeds?

At this rate it will take me all week to install my games!

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What's wrong with RA3?

Nothing from what I've played anyway.

Nothing in todays deals there for me, unfortunately I'm eyeing up the Eidos Collectors Pack which looks to be terrific value, plenty of games there I'd play too. Bloody steam :(

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AI War: Fleet Command

World of Goo (I already know this is supposed to be brilliant, mind)



World of Goo is a lovely little game, very charming and slick, but not quite deserving of the Christ-like reception it got in some segments of the internet. Definitely worth getting, though, you'll love it.

Trine is pretty nice but I got tired of it later on and I gather that the last level would destroy any goodwill for it even if I'd persevered. Still, nice stuff while it lasts. WOG's better.

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Gratuitous Space Battles is 8.99 now. Seems like an OK price, I've just bought it. I hope it isn't shit.

GSB is OK in a 'wind em up and let them go' sort of way - I found myself losing interest a bit at one point but if you like building complex spaceships, it's your thing...

AI War is it's retentive and attention-seeking cousin, you spend eons developing your 'fleet' before deploying it and it's packed with fiddly-ness (there's a demo for AI War will will settle your buying questions anyway).

Eufloria is interesting - it's an RTS of sorts but highly abstract. In some ways I admire it's purity and simplicity and in other ways I'm frustrated by it's opaque single-minded-ness...

Trine is a one trick pony with a shit last level - it's one those games everyone knows they could have done better, the basics are there but the final result is sorta wonky...

Plants vs Zombies can be ignored entirely until you own Defense Grid anyway - DG is amazing...

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Once I work out how to do that, I'll prob set something like that up! I'll probably get Super IV as well on PC as well as the xbox when that comes out

This really happening then? A Rllmuk SF Steam group for Street Fighter? If so, then I'll definitely buy SSFIV on Steam too, since I don't want to miss out on any epic multiplayer action and since my beloved 360 TE Stick also works on PC it would be a shame not to :(

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