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The steam christmas sale has BEGUN

chris on the moon

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The last day deals still seem to be valid, if you find the game?

-edit- wait. GTA is still £5, Torchlight still £1.75, Stalker is not, Defense Grid is not...dunno about the rest.


Oh and now they've changed back :)

(even though it says torchlight is 75% off still on the front page. Cheek)

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Anyone who hasn't bought Defense Grid for £1.75 (and isn't having problems with credit cards :)) needs to jump on that shit right now before the sale ends. Awesome game. Twenty-five minutes left!

i bought this - it'll be my first "tower defense" game. always wondered what those strange words meant and now i guess i'll find out. once i've finished stalker, that is.

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If you only use it for five minutes they probably won't care/notice. People in the same house would want different accounts, but might want to use the same payment method I'd think.

It might just say "this account is already in use" but I doubt it.

(Is this too late?)

You're right, I probably should have done this after all, seeing as it worked for Madness.

I did save myself from spending an extra £30, however, so it's not all bad!

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