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The steam christmas sale has BEGUN

chris on the moon

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this is the wonderful thing about steam - it doesn't matter that you don't play it right now. it will always be there sat in your steam account, and in five years time when you're in sweden on a strange computer with a few hours to kill, you can still go 'oh yeah! maybe i'll try out stalker now.' and that £1.39 will have been WORTH IT.

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Right, Stalker has been purchased. It had better be AWESOME or I'll be really pissed off that I spent £1.39. :(

Prepare to get your ass kicked into next week by an utterly bewildering eastern European game which hates you and wants you to die, and is also absolutely blood-chillingly terrifying.

In a good way.

True story, Stalker gave me a panic attack.

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Does the Steam version of Clear Sky require the Steam version of the original or is it standalone or would it work with the retail version of Stalker?

Steam will usually tell you if you need to Steam version of the original for expansion packs. It does so for the Total War games anyway (see the page for Rome: Alexander).

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Hmm, not so tempting. They suckered us in with the deals yesterday and now give us moderate discounts. At least all the other stuff is still there, hidden away.

Under Recent Top Sellers you get most of the games they had heavily discounted yesterday, and Modern Warfare 2. I cannot believe that has been selling that much, espcially at £40.

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