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The steam christmas sale has BEGUN

chris on the moon

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I've not heard a good thing about Gothic 3 since release, sadly.

Tempted to pick up Killing Floor though. Is it good with randoms?

I've been playing Killing Floor since last night when I bought it and so far playing with randoms hasn't been too bad at all, in fact I honestly haven't seen too much idiocy so far but of course that could easily change. The game itself is really fun as well, the guns especially have real weight and kick to them.

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Gothic 3 - I recommend you avoid it (even though its cheap):

There are a lot of bugs, yes, but there's a good game underneath. Like all the Gothic games, you have to chip away to find it, though. I love its environment and if you avoid the more persistently murderous beasts and the occasional bug where you drop out the world, it's great to explore.

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I've been playing Evil Genius since yesterday, and it's great fun. It basically is "No One Lives Forever: The Strategy Game".

Highly recommended.

It's pretty good, and the trap system is very interesting, but its treacle-slow speed really put me off. No way to speed things up means you often get stuck with boring stuff.

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Dragon Age Origins - £22.49

Prototype - £12.49

Universe at War Earth Assault - £3.74

Lumines Base+advance pack - £1.79

Star Wars Premier Pack - £17.99

Torchlight - £3.74

Anyone that hasn't grabbed Torchlight yet - it's one of the best Diablo clones out there and well worth a few quid.

EDIT - SW Premier pack price fixed

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Fuckers. They shouldn't reduce things that have been in once. Good case for a refund, that.

I don't like these daily deals for that reason. Who knows what else I've bought will get reduced again.

The Lumines pack for less than £2 is fantastic. I bought that for £7.99 when it was about to hit Steam and thought it wasn't bad then.

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