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What film's Cornballs doing? I hope his movie career goes well.

Attack the Block

Cornish, one half of comic duo Adam and Joe, is also gearing up to make his first feature, Attack The Block. The alien comedy focuses on a group of South London hoodies forced to step up to save the day when aliens attack. A shooting date is yet to be set.


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This might actually turn out to be a good thing for me, or at least a possible silver lining to the horrible cloud that just appeared...

I've missed loads of episodes lately (although started getting back into it in the last 5 or 6 weeks) after being a die-hard fan in the early days. Hopefully now this means someone will re-pack every every episode into some giant torrent on UKNova*.

I still have all their XFM recordings from UKNova on an external drive somewhere, I should get around to re-listening to those, but hopefully now I'll be able to get a massive collection of the 6-Music shows to go with it as well.

*They have still been recording them, right?

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Old school. I like that.

Been listening to more of the XFM ones on my walk to work; the Colin Farrell rant :angry:. 'I've Got a Blog' was a great jingle too.

That sounds interesting, let's talk about it

I always enjoy our little chats

I never know what yooouuuu'll saaaayyyyy

You sir, are a wonderful person. I've been looking for a backlog of their 6Music podcasts for ages. This is fantastic! Thank you!

When (if? :quote: ) they return every week's episode is put up here in edited (no music) and non-edited form: http://communities.livejournal.com/adam_and_joe

there's also miscellaneous A&J shite posted up there.

has anyone been to adam's BUG or Out of Focus Group things at the BFI? I went to one of the Out of Focus Groups and it was great - but a bit weird seeing his face while he talks. they sell out within 5 minutes of the tickets going up on the site unfortunately

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It saddened me at first a little that their 6 Music show, Adam especially, went so quickly from the anarchic student humour of the Adam and Joe to middle-aged observations about buying a comfy pair of slippers or whatever. You forget how long they've been doing this.

I went through a phase recently of deciding to quit after the next episode. Once I'd grown accustomed to the idea of them actually getting old, though, the show's much improved. Shame to see it go now.

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The podcast jingle where Adam's talking in a street voice:

"...dey might be wicked, dey might be some of da weaker bits - but dat's cool. I like weaker bits, I can 'andle up to three."

I've only just this last ten minutes cottoned on to the the weetabix joke there.

It is a weetabix joke isn't it?

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Boggins is utter shit and the worst thing they've ever done. I hate him and I'm so glad he's never coming back. They almost lost me just because he was so irritating and disgusting. No one ever needs to hear the phrase 'anal glands' on radio. Ever. I'm trying to eat breakfast for fucks sake. Tossers.


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How do you download from this site? I just cant seem to figure it out. I've signed up for a free account, gone to the folder but can't see where I can download it.


You can only download one file at a time. Select one of them, go to 'Open on your computer' and it should give you a download option through there.

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It's a crap commentary

Recorded off of a DVD

Why don't you just try and see

You could win some crap for free

Can you tell who's speaking?

Or the movie they're critiquing?

Come on now, it's easy

You can use IMDB

The Schwarzenegger one was awesome. "HA HA HA. NOW WE ARE RUN-NING"

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