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2010: Your Most Wanteds


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So I finally got around to pre-ordering the game I'm most looking forward to in the coming year, when I suddenly realised there's a load more on the horizon. 2010 is looking to be very exciting. So, what are you waiting for, and why?

For me:

Final Fantasy XIII - can't wait for this. I was a bit disappointed with XII, as it felt a bit too much like an 'offline MMO' in places with the grinding that was necessary. I'm hoping XIII will change this.

Final Fantasy XIV - I never really got into XI, but XIV looks very pretty, so I want to give it a go in as casual a way as possible (of course).

Star Trek Online - I know, I know, it'll probably be utter tripe, but I've been a Trek geek for so many years that I owe it to myself to give it a go. I dare any fan of the show to watch the trailer and not get a little bit over-excited when the proper fanfare starts up. Pre-ordered this too.

Bayonetta - Seems that it's due just the other side of new year. I played the demo and I think I can really see myself getting into this.

Whit Knight Chronicles - seems to have done very well out in the east and should be right up my street.

Torchlight (Mac) - not sure when it's due, and I may just bite the bullet and grab the Windows version and bootcamp, but the demo was very charming.

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Mass Effect 2 - avoiding all plot spoilers at the moment, so I don't have a clue who's in it, or what's going to happen. I can't fucking wait to play this.

I'm on the hype bandwagon for this as well, but I haven't even played the first one! I'm completely in the dark and I really need to get around to buying/playing the first.

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Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, Galaxy 2, Last Guardian, Fable III, Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption...hopefully Pikmin 3 will arrive at some point, and I'm intrigued as to what Nintendo does with the Vitality Sensor. I also hope we see LostWinds 3, and that it's set in the autumn. :rolleyes: In my head, it's the most beautiful game ever.

On DS, I'm looking forward to Last Window, Again: Eye of Providence, Ace Attorney Investigations, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and Ouendan 3. Again, the latter only exists in my head, but hopefully iNiS can get enough time away from making Lips DLC to do this.

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I have to say, the MW2 behemoth might have turned Christmas into a bit of a barren period, but it certainly has livened up the release schedules for the first half of next year. There's so much coming out it's ridiculous.

Hopefully it'll be a successful strategy for the publishers and they'll continue to space things out a bit in following years to give the lesser known titles room to do well.

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The Last Guardian and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I can decide which one i want more. I adore Team Ico, and TLG looks to be another masterpiece from them, then Super Mario Galaxy is pretty much my favourite game of all time, so the followup has me salivating.

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Bayonetta times a million.

From what I've seen and played already and heard from others, it's gonna be the action game to end all action games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Sequel to what I consider to be the best game of this gen. Can't wait.

The Last Guardian.

If it comes out of course. You know it'll be hauntingly beautiful.

God of War 3.

It may not have the depth of Bayo's combat, but the brilliant presentation and epic scale go a long way. I know a bit more about this game that I'm not allowed to talk about, but I will say this: there is some insane stuff in this game.


Everything I want in a racer. Speed, little realism and tremendous set-pieces. The constantly changing environments and HUD on your car are great touches.

Dead Space 2.

Love the original. My main criticism was its lack of variety and the sequel looks set to improve upon that with a bang.

Dead Rising 2.

The first is one of my fave next gen titles to date so let's hope the sequel delivers on its promises.

Arkham Asylum 2.

I adored the first so much that I went for all 1000 GP. I doubt it'll actually be out in 2010 though.

Red Dead Redemption.

Love westerns and love Rockstar. The 4 minute gameplay introduction they released last week was nothing short of awesome.

Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect was a very involving game with some very rough edges. These seem gone in the sequel, which looks set to improve on the first in every way.

Maffa 2.

The more I see about it, the better it looks. Brilliant attention to detail.

Yakuza 3.

Always wanted to play this but never could. Until now.

Splinter Cell Conviction.

Played a bit of this. It's very promising.

Alan Wake.

A game with a Stephen King vibe that looks set to be one of the most atmospheric titles of next year.

And a ton more, but these will do for now. It's a crazy year for sure.

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Bloody hell people are literally just listing every game they are interested in. What's the point?

Vemsie, I'm gonna find you and kill you.

I'm not listing every game that I'm interested in or looks vaguely promising! All those games I listed are 100% definitive must-buys for me, I left all the others out. So there.

Edit: look, I'll list them again so you understand better:

Serious Sam HD

Mass Effect 2

Halo Reach

Splinter Cell Conviction

Red Dead Redemption

Crackdown 2

Mafia II

Yakuza 3

Super Street Fighter IV

See? Must-buys. My wallet am cry.

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I've given these titles a mention in the awards thread, but still:

Bayonetta - it might just be because it's one of the few 2010 titles I've had hands-on experience with via the demo, but this is incredibly good fun. You know a game's going to be good when you're annoyed that the demo's already over and all you can do is play again...and again... To be honest, though, when I first heard about the game through that PlatinumGames lineup announcement I thought it was going to be some kind of ropey second-rate DMC and I didn't pay much attention to it, but after the positive critical reception and excited forum posts I had to go and have a look. The stylish and intuitive blend of combat and dodge/counter mechanics brings to mind Viewtiful Joe, God Hand and DMC (no surprise given the developer background), and I think it's going to be a game that never punishes you unfairly. Primarily though, it has the potential to be very entertaining and satisfying, and that's what counts.

Serious Sam HD - I feel a bit ashamed to be listing a HD port of an old 2001 FPS as one of my most wanted games of 2010, but I think that it's the kind of game XBLA and the like could really use; an update of a funny, bright, colourful mindless shooter with bonkers enemy and weapon design and a superb co-op mode (although it's kind of crap that PC owners will get the best deal when playing with others.) It's one of those XBLA games, like Sensi and Speedball, that gets announced way too soon and then I'm left impatiently wondering when the heck it's going to be released, so my anticipation has been growing for quite some time. I admit that there were other games that tried to do a similar kind of thing, such as Will Rock and Painkiller, but none of them hit the mark quite like Croteam's game, and so I've been waiting for another excuse to mow down headless bombers and dodge mad bulls for quite a while...

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - this is the only one of the three games that I'm nervously excited about - I absolutely love the Ace Attorney series, but I'm still curious about how the distinctive humour and character will translate to a game with completely different gameplay (and no courtroom bits :rolleyes: ) If it all goes well I'm going to end up loving it on it's own merits, but I'll have to wait and see with this one...

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is easily my most wanted, being the sequel to my favourite game ever. Yoshi and more craziness can't go wrong, surely?

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is another I really want. The offer of more single player content is nice but the real meat will be in the new Chaos multiplayer race as well as boosts and tweaks to the already excellent multiplayer mix.

Other uncertain anticipated games are Pikmin 3 which may or may not exist but I can't help but be excited by the prospect of more of the little critters. Similarly Other M could be great but really it is difficult to tell so far. Oh and I eagerly await 2d boy's next offering, whatever that may be.

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