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Spring Clearing


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Gonna be having a massive clearout here. I used to work for a major gaming chain and collected loads of rare stuff for the last 7 years. It's a good job because i'm currently out of work as my new job kinda fell through. Must have 1500 + units to go altogether, some of it is common crap but got some nice things like sealed pal FF7 and curios like Seperation Anxiety on the Pal MD. I'm gonna trim down everything and just keep the essentials for the consoles i own. Might be a good time to get rid off the Neo Geo and Carts as well whilst they still fetch decent money.

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I was thinking about this yesterday. I will hopefully be moving house in the next couple of months and, despite the fact that we'll be moving to a bigger house, I don't think there'll be room for a fair chunk of my collection. Plus there won't be the time to play much, so I might have to be ruthless with stuff and sell anything I just won't play.

The GC is going to be first to go. It's sat in a cupboard for a couple of years now and I've never even plugged it in.

I think my PS2 collection might get a cull as well. I just don't play many of them anymore, so they're just gathering dust.

I'll freecycle a couple of PC's now Steam and GOG have rendered them redundant.

I'm also going to have a long, hard look at my retro stuff and eBay anything I 'm not likely to touch again.

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