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The Highlights Thread


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  • 1 month later...

It's back. Normal service resumed...

"United Assemble" Episode 1 - Ground Control to Major Tobes

In the opening game of the season, Tobert sings 'Happy Birthday' to Bleeders - and is then booted from the game. Tomox once and for all clears up the confusion surrounding his name, before Bleeders dubs him 'The Ox'. Sladie becomes the front-runner for this season's Golden Boot, following two bullet headers. The boys get off to a great start with back-to-back wins.



*Audio doesn't seem to have sync'd properly.

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"United Assemble" Episode 2 - Sladie Loves the Ladies

This week, Bleeders and the Goalkeeper combine spectacularly to gift a goal to City. Tobert's motivational speech invigorates the team for the return fixture. Mardigan and Sladie continue their double-act, much like Hale and Pace in the late eighties. Meanwhile, the team manage a share of the (winning) spoils.



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"United Assemble" Episode 3 - Steely, Please Don't Go!

With the possibility of United losing their manager, Tobert FM plays out a hit record. Nathan secures his nomination for the 'Fat Ronaldo' award. The Management (Mardigan and Sladie) continue to intimidate opposing players and both Bleeders and Dan manage to injure their respective players. Twice. Meanwhile, the team record a decent four point haul.



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"United Assemble" Episode 5 - It's Dennis Bergkamp, IT'S DENNIS BERGKAMP!!

The team are missing Pace this week, with Hale teaming up with Hannay for the matches against an unbeaten Town. A stunning effort from Joe in the first match and a big goal from Steely in the second ensured that Town's unbeaten run stretches to 10 games, and both teams took a share of the spoils.


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