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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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With a population of just over 4 million, Croatia is arguably the most successful 'small' country in football. Croatia was named FIFA's "Best Mover of the Year" in 1994 and 1998, becoming the only team to win the award more than once. On admission to FIFA, Croatia was ranked 125th in the world; following the 1998 World Cup campaign, the side ranked third, making it the most volatile team in FIFA Rankings history.

Manager: Sean_L_99 - ( Seanfl9 )


Peter UK ( Pete BetrosDVDF )

Ventie ( Ventieeeeee )

Boobni ( Boobni82 )

Nathan ( iTzNaThiNDaOvEn )


Chris ( Noako )

Sith ( sithlordx )

0utsider ( Da0utsider )

Hannay ( Hannay )


Pompey ( pompey88 )

Sean_L_99 ( Seanfl9 )

Right, I have taken over as gaffer from nathan and although it being my first season in charge i am confident we can have a good season and get rid of this label 'Ath'lol'tic'. The team probably won't change alot from what i have thought about already. However, we have plenty of time for practice in the build up to the big kick off for Season 8.

I'm not going to post up the line up as i think it should be, because we don't have a clear indication as to how the team will cope without trying out different formations and giving everyone a crack at different positions. Welcome everyone and heres to a fun, enjoyable season 8 of BAP!

Training will take place on tues/wed nights i will pm everyone about their availability and we'll take it from there. See you lot soon.

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Right, I have taken over as gaffer from nathan and although it being my first season in charge i am confident we can have a good season and get rid of this label 'Ath'lol'tic'.

I can get it changed to PAthletic if you want (just let me know and I'll start the ball rolling)

There'll be a few Utd boys on tonight if you want a game or two boys?

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Hello Mourinho :(

My gamertag is the same as the forum name Ventieeeeee

I have added you for tonights practise

Your right i am the special one!

Well we've got 4 definate for tonight, i'll be heading to the gym shortly so before i go i'll dish out some pm's to see who else can make tonight. See you all there at 9 lads.

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Right, back from the gym and am raring to go for some games tonight, no problem about practice pompey cheers for letting us know at least!

I'll be dishing out the party invites about 9 to get some games started with Utd, hopefully see a few of you on

Timmmo, come on! give it up with the sly comments don't you think you've done enough already! lol

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Well, well, well lads.

A pretty decent turn out tonight and we put in some excellent performances, new-comer to the rllmuk league ventiee was a class-act. His attitude was one of the most hilarious i've came across on the xbox, Lovely passing and finishing though mate, i may have to think about you up front

Pete & Boobni at the back was like having a brick wall and as such i didn't need to worry when we were on the back foot. Nath u seemed to do an excellent job at CDM however pushing up may be an issue as you are the protection that is needed at all times. Outsider & Hannay lovely passing and finding space in behind the defenders. Pleasure playing BAP tonight and i look forward to our next session.

Well done tonight lads, you've earnt your night's sleep tonight :(

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Cheers for the games tonight.

We played some good stuff and were fairly solid defensively and communication seemed better tonight.

Hopefully we can carry the form into Thursday night and we havent used all of our good luck already.

Was nice to get the run out up front as well.

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Good Games lads i enjoyed it looking forward to tomorow.

SaintM asked me to post my preference i find this hard because i like it everywhere as long its not WB

1.AT 2.AM 3.CM 4.CB 5.WM this could be in any order Jose Mourinho knows whats best :)

Can someone send a pm to saintM that i have posted here thanks in advance

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Ventie you seem to do a great job taking control of the any however I would like you to play striker if not.

I won't make the first game on Thursday due to being at football but in my absense I would like pete to take over and get everyone in party and get the game going.

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