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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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Allright sean you are busted now i have proof that you cheat with my ratings didn't think i would take pictures?

First game where he gave me a 5


Second game where he gave me a 6


I'm eduardo

my rating in the first screen of the second game was 7.55 but the player rating gave me a 7? and sean maded that a 6?

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right i just went through them and only Ventiees are wrong lol all other 9 positions match to those on the site so why would it give Ventiees different? I did think they sorted the ratings bug and every sees the same thing, maybe im wrong.

edit: it could still be that your made to look better on your own screen still? i havnt seen it though.

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awww shorny i didnt mean to have a go, now get your arse round here for a whooping :P the boys are here.

Just read this now, that sounds as if we're doing very bad things at the Baring household :(

Oh yeah, 'cough' Czech Republic win the final Baring!

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Cheers Sith - first game I wasn't so good, but these were my first games as a DC in BAP. I struggle to know hit the right button for clearing at the moment, just habbit from playing in mid I guess.

you played awesome, you and boobni as a CB were almost as good as the Sean Petey partnership

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