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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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I know, a little go up top and we bag hat-tricks, it's a joke i tell ya!

I know i missed it, was slightly pissed due to my lift wanting to stop off at Kentucky "We take fucking ages" Fried Chicken. Thought i'd miss the second game aswell but i apologise i missed your wonderful hat-trick i heard good things ;)

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Sorry about last night, wasn't myself. The first was my fault and didn't want to damage your chances further in the second. Well done though lads.

you played the first and decided to miss the second because you didn't play well? ;) madness.

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Right, tonight! .. We're up against Wanderers and i hope that we can finish off the season in style as we bid to finish in the top three. We've had a few ups and downs in the season but lets end on a high. Again, I'm going to be switching around again this week.

As i have football tonight we'll be starting at 10:15 but i 'think' i might be able to make the first game this time because i won't be stopping off for a god damn KFC. I'll give Nath a ring about 10 past to say if i'll be back in time or not and here's the line up for tonight's 2 games providing that everyone is available. I was thinking for these we should just go for it with a 4-3-3 formation. We know we like to play with the wings so i thought why not!

First Game




Second Game





With these attacking line-ups i expect nothing more than goals, goals and goals!

If we are able to grab two wins tonight and bag a few goals we will be able to take 3rd place from Rovers, providing United keep up the pressure on City by beating them twice. So lets just finish off the season in good fashion and let's have some fun in doing so!

Lets do this!

If you are unhappy with the line-ups at all for tonight then please, all complaints to nath.

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Thanks guys, good luck to all next season.

Player of the season - Pete

Great player.

Would have to agree with that, but for the games that he was there i would have to say Sean was brilliant all season as well, the partnership that he and Pete had at CB was awesome, were rocks all season :wub:

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Played guys. You were shit considering our strikers were playing as CB, yet you still won that second game! Just about!



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