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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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played guys, great freekick whoever that was :)

That was me i only got going 2ndhalf in the second game when i got 3 defenders i felt in much more control

First game was just terrible you could see some off us where playing new positions we could also not win any header againt Netherlands

2nd game showed that the only way to win a game is by short passing we had some good chances to win *cough Outsider cough*

High balls will never work with Croatia to weak

Next time we should have at least 1 practise game before a league game

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Man, that first game last night was brutal – we were terrible, defensively garbage and impotent going forward.

I got my second BaP goal as a CB last night though so wasn’t all bad though annoyingly neither in a league game :omg:

Second game against City was much better where we kept it simple and played more as a team; indeed with better finishing from Outsideduardo we would’ve beat them. Thought Eduardo was going to do an Adebayor and celebrate wildy infront of his old team who so ruthlessly sold him when he was through one on one.

But then he missed :D

Had two ‘any’ FB’s last night and it was just horrible. Three ‘anys’ at the back for most of the second game. Think the gaffer needs to sort out a settled back 4 plus the CDM sharpish or we are going to get punished every week.....

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Ah lads don't worry about it to much, i didn't expect anything big tbh especially with only 6 of you's. Im thinking of taking one for the team and taking up the CB role maybe taking turns with pompey or ventieee. Will have a think about it later and decide what line up to adopt when i've recovered from last night :omg:

Still, don't worry about the results last night we haven't played one game yet with Chris/Sith/Pompey in the team which could make a hell of a difference. Chin up eh?


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Team i'm looking at when we have full strength.






I know for a fact nathan is not a defender by nature and im looking for Pete/Ventie to really give him some lessons in training. Command him around and talk to him as much as possible.

Don't worry this is not a concrete team which will be picked week in week out, i will be willing to give my place upfront up for the likes of Sith/Ventie when they feel they want a run about. I will do my best to switch the team about whenever necessary. Hopefully pompey will do the same when he feels like taking one for the team :lol:

So that's what i've looked at and don't worry, like i said we'll be swapping around hopefully with some training we'll see what's what.

Monday Training 9:30pm Let me know if you can make it. Cheers lads

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Right, whats the numbers were looking at for tonight. We need this practice desperately to establish a back four and gives us a chance to have a look at the players who haven't played yet!

It will be a long, depressing season if we can't get on for practice at least once a week :coffee: Come on lads!

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