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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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Thursday's are gonna be disastrous if we aren't getting practice with at least 7-8 of us.

Just watching second half of Utd game and i'll be heading on. If anyone is about (nath, Outsider, Pete) We'll have a couple of 2v2's or a little 1v1 thing going. May aswell do something related to Fifa.

P.S - Anyone catch City's penalty? Utter Bullshit

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P.S - Anyone catch City's penalty? Utter Bullshit

I thought it was a stone-waller. Cracking hit aswell.

Also, I thought Baring was the only United fan and the rest of you were good, honest men and supported 'Boro. You've gone down in my estimations Lindsay.

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Sean, shall I pencil us in for a praccy session tonight? If so, what time? 9? 9.30?

Yeah get the pencil and etch practice for about 9:30.

I'm not even expecting a half decent turn out tonight but whoever does turn up we'll be able to give you guys a run about at least.

See you at half past mate

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