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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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Sith is definately making an appearance tonight so at least we will have a full back 4 with the Defensive Mid.

I'm going to shot myself in alongside Petey.

Nath,Boobni at R/LB. Don't worry nath i will be constantly telling you, "get the fuck in line!" .. "You go i'll cover" so don't worry about playing at the back.Sith you can play your Roy Keane role and hopefully stop as many balls coming towards the back line as possible.

I still haven't heard a peep from Pompey,Chris but hopefully if they show up we'll be looking a little more like a team rather than a lonely small group :angry: Providing Chris is available he'll take up the RM role and the opposite side Hannay will take Luka.

Outsider as always his starring role at CAM as Niko, this is because if i give him Eduardo Ventiee will probably book a flight to Teesside Airport and personally kick my ass.

Ventiee and hopefully Pompey upfront however if Pompey does not show up. Maybe Chris,Hannay could drop into CB as I take up a striker role and Ventiee takes control of one of the wings and a striker.

Chris,Pompey try and let us know if you are available tonight. Cheers lads. Practice 8:30PM against the United folk. I won't be there for any practice as i have football to attend with two of the wankers from City. But i'll be back about 10 past 10 and ready to start things up as soon as possible for the big kick off.

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sounds good to me, but may i suggest that in the unlikely event of pompey not turning up, then put hannay or chris as CDM and throw Sith upfront as he has the goal scoring pedigree and we will then have a decent defence still in place :angry:

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