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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 8


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Can't say much more other than.. Awesome.

We all played class lads. I could talk about everyone individually but a special praise to pompey and ventiee who formed a great partnership upfront setting each other up love it. Same again next week lads. Oh, and Sith at CDM :)

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Ventiee and I weren't amazing to be honest, it was just simple balls. It was a team effort as the back four were superb. Sith was just the best CDM I've seen, and the wingers and Outsider were slotting lovely balls through.

Top of the league surely!

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lol its cool it wasnt on purpose well it didnt seem that way, it was when the keeper went to kick it out and there was a tangle but nowt the striker could do he was just stood there, i think it fell to you lot near the box but it was mopped up.

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