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Sorry to derail even further, but Manic, are you any good at Snowboarding / Skiing? Ive been looking at somewhere to go in Feb / March for my first skiing holiday, but have no idea where is good!

I went 'properly' skiing for the first time a couple of years ago this winter, I'd done dry slopes before but I was much younger then so I was basically starting from scratch. The trip was organised by the university I was at in Germany at the time though, so I don't really have much advice for planning and stuff. We went to a place called Elm in Switzerland and the best thing about it was that it wasn't very crowded, I think I'd much prefer that 'small village' sort of environment than what I assume a big skiing resort is like.

Actually, that's a lie. The best thing about Elm was the fucking immense sledging track they had which ran down the side of the mountain and lasted about 15 minutes from top to bottom. How doing that about 5 times didn't kill me I don't know, it was quite dangerous on reflection. I think I have a video of it somewhere...

Also, as I have never been skiing before is it better to learn to snowboard instead? Its always looked so much more fun, but heard its much more difficult to learn?

I started a thread in AtF about this as I really wanted to do snowboarding too, but from my experience (that thread and actually going with someone who chose to snowboard), I'd stick to the skiis if I were you.

That is unless you're planning to make this a regular thing, which would give you a reason and time to get to grips with a snowboard. Otherwise I wouldn't bother as you'll be spending most of the time lying in the snow compared to what you'd be able to do in a short time with skiis. If you're going for a week or more and have the chance to get some training in before/during on a snowboard then maybe it's still an option though. In my mind it's still probably my preferred way of going down a mountain, but it seems like much more hard work.

I've been wanting to go skiing again ever since but never got around to organising anything myself, it's great fun.

One of my pics:



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whiskas ;) and some crunchies.


That is how my cat ended up with no teeth you insensitive prick!

Anyway London Football, sounds great and I am up for shifting some festive flubber, might also be able to rope hobo in too.

Would be good to get a few of the league regulars down there even if its a one off, I would be travelling in from Guildford so don't want to spend an hour on the train only to find its 8 people I don't know!

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