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The next SSX


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Found SSX Tricky in Gamestation in the 3 for £5 deal. Along with WRC II and NFS Underground (not for me). Man I wish there were more games out there like this. Proper casual games that are just pick up and play fun, while still being a challenge and that are actual games. :)

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Man I wish there were more games out there like this. Proper casual games that are just pick up and play fun, while still being a challenge and that are actual games. :)

Totally agree. It's odd how games have, speaking very generally indeed, either become massive and complex or really really shallow. SSX Tricky got it right. You could just race your way dwon and get a quick thrill, but you could also invest some time and go for all the ubertricks. Any new SSX should strive to do this (ie don't put a crappy story mode in, or force people to get good at it quickly). Sorry, just wishful thinking.

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See it grates me that a casual game these days is something like 'Imagine Babyz' and the like. There is a distinct lack of fun arcade titles.

Pure and The Bigs are two of that mould, neither take themselves overly seriously but over a good solid gaming experience. The PS2 era was full of games like this. Licences didn't really matter, realism wasn't the be all and end all of games.

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Please Please make it like 1 & 2. It was the last game to truly grab my wife, shes barely played anything since.* Jealousy, smack talk, highscore beating, it was all there!!

Bring back wife gaming with SSX!

3 was rubbish, it was the anti Tricky

I loved the first game, it was one of the two games I got with my ps2, and that wasn't a coincidence. Then Tricky pissed all over it. as for 3? meh. Just give me a HD Tricky and i'll be happy for years

As long as Bif Naked returns as the voice of Zoe.

Ah, Tricky :) and so much truth in only 4 pages. I loved Tricky, my wife and I would stay up for hours at night, day after day over Christmas, taking turns to complete the races and trick challenges. Then SSX3 was announced and we really looked forward to it, but it added manuals which personally I've never 'gotten' in any game (Aggressive Inline, Amped, etc), and sucked the personality from the characters - we wanted more David Arquette, Bif Naked and er, Billy Zane but got DJ Atomika, who was fine but no Rahzel, and the characters themselves seemed really samey instead of mad and with their own unique personality.

I'm sure this new game will be an SSX version of Skate, with another streamed mountain instead of ridiculous OTT firework infested race track-esque slopes and shortcuts. In fact, one of the things we hated most about SSX3 was the inability to shortcut off-piste other than the occaisional shortcut the game wanted you to take. In Tricky you could frequently cut between routes, but in 3 you could easily find yourself out of bounds whilst following a line that would have been fine in Tricky.

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really though, there is nothing nicer than turning off the hud and scooting down the mountainsides, in your best casuals and with your best soundtrack. I love having everything linked into one mountain, although I never played tricky so no comparisons. I spent so so so many hours in SSX3, getting platinums everywhere, perfecting every route, every jump, getting every collectible. Every time I hear one of the tracks from that game I'm filled with absolute joy, it was wonderful. If I had to pick one game to play from now until forever it would be SSX3.

I never gave On Tour the time of day, but Blur was alright, in a kinda rubbish but it'll fill the bleeding gap in my heart where a good SSX game should go for a little while kind of way. And the Ubers were easy and quite fun once you understood how they worked.

I don't really expect this next one to be any good though, they seem to have strayed too far from the path.

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