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Deadly Premonition

The Sarge

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  • 2 months later...

I finally bit the bullet on that half price Deadly Premonition Origins on Switch and played through the whole story over the course of the weekend. I ended up really liking it :lol:


I regret not doing much in the way of side quests, mini games or window snooping, however :( 


I think the awful map was the major deterrent in pursuing side quests and visiting the various townspeople’s homes etc. Pity, because the characters were all great from the little I saw of them at the big town meeting in the theatre.

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Not sure if it’s been noted by anyone else, but interestingly I felt it had a touch of the Yakuza about it. The janky standard of canned NPC animation and comedy / drama dichotomy really reminded me of that series. It had me wondering if eventually some of the animators maybe even got a job with the Yakuza studio later in their careers, some of it was so similar. 

Throw in the relatively small “open world” and an assortment of mini games including darts and fishing and it's arguably Yakuza but everything is Twin Peaks. 

Either way, the detective / quasi-Yakuza mix has got me more enthused to some day getting Judgment cleared from my pile.

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  • 6 months later...

The first three seconds of Rihanna's Disturbia use the Map screen sound effect of Deadly Premonition, and some appropriate imagery.  We can only assume Rihanna is a fan and has 100%ed it on all difficulties and got all the trading cards. The song may predate DP by a year, but I'm sure she's a fan!




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