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Capcom x Microsoft Announcement - January 26

The Sarge

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Just in case Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition weren't enough, it seems that Xbox 360 owners have more to look forward to from Capcom.

The Japanese Xbox.com site is now teasing a Capcom Xbox 360 product unveil for January 26. The text at the site lists "Capcom X Microsoft" and "Capcom Title Premiere for Xbox 360."

It looks like 360 owners can look forward to the announcement of a new Capcom Xbox 360 title, and possibly an exclusive one at that.


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It looks too big for that. But theres not many premier Capcom titles that most people know thats not a sequel.

I'd like to think its something new. Ghosts and goblins hasn't had a 360 release but its hardly premier these days BUT we did see BC, 1942 and Commando.

Hell BC got two versions.

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I thought that but then thought theres not many MS Characters. Blinx or whatever it was....maybe a train from MS Trainsim....

Balrog (Boxer) VS The Cole Train, baby! - Round One FIGHT! :)

The new announcer that says "round one - fight!" is now the "skills for kills" awesome voice from Crackdown! :omg:

Destroy the car bonus stage takes place on a Forza 3 circuit! :hat:

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Is this what Strider hinted at recently? "Lots of 'r's" he said...

Yeah he did, didn't he? I mean, count them R's: Street Fighter III: 3rdStrike HD Remix - this has to be the game Strider hinted at! If it's not, then he's unbelievably bad at hints, because other titles like, for example, Afterburner have far less R's :)

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