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The Ryman League - Official Dressing Room


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This thread is for use by members of The Ryman League.

It is to be used as a 'home point' for discussion with your fellow league members.


Current Table



Check the Steering Group thread for any changes to the league format or rules. For this season there is a new cup format for the three secondary cups (Champions League, Europa Cup and Intertoto Cup) so please have a read and make sure you understand the changes.

Your admin is Scratch.


Instructions on how to update your squads:

Assuming auto-save is turned ON.

1. From the main menu select EDIT TEAMS>DOWNLOAD LATEST SQUADS.

2. Then go to TEAM MANAGEMENT, click through to view the first team of any squad. Now back out.

3. You should see the saving-icon on the left of the screen pop up.

The squads are now saved for offline play and unranked online play (ie. rllmuk league games)


Important Information


* The full rules can be found HERE. You must abide by these, so read them!

* You are responsible for arranging to play your home match.

* All match arrangements should be made via fixture notes on the website.

* If a match has not been played during the initial fixture week, it should be arranged and a note added to the fixture via the website to ensure the admin staff are aware of your arrangements. If a match passes the fixture week without being played and does not have a note attached it will be deemed a foul offence.

* You can play your future matches in advance if you wish, but try to keep the scores quiet until the fixtures are active. You can enter results for future matches onto the website and they will only be counted in the tables etc once they are active.

* You should enter your results on the website. If you have issues with the website contact SaintM.

* Ensure you have correctly applied any official squad update. If you are unsure, play a ranked match to force the update. Points may be deducted if you use an outdated or custom squad file.

* If you have a question regarding the rules, or any other aspect of the league please contact an official.

Most important of all, the main aim of this league is to have fun so lets keep it friendly and everyone will enjoy it!

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Pants and I are the only survivors from last season's Rymans - everyone else either got promoted or quit the league! :)

So, anyway, I'm predicting another close league, with the relegated teams from the Conference likely to be looking for a quick return, and the newcomers hoping to prove that they deserve a place higher up the league structure.

Whatever happens, good luck to all, and look forward to seeing you on the pitch.

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Well I think I'll be pick.....

HEY WAIT A MINUTE. You're just trying to steal my teams aren't you?


But yes, Hello everyone! Like SomethingWitty said, we are the only survivors of the old league. That means we're hardened veterans of the Rllmuk Football league, with hundreds of games under our belts and a deep knowledge of all the nuances required to last a gruelling season of Rllmuk football.

Or it means we're soooo shit, we couldn't even get out of the fucking Ryman's.

I like to think it's somewhere between the two.

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The Ryman's league was rocked today as manager Pants McSkill BLASTED SomethingWitty over the latter's team choice of Birmingham.

"It's only because I pwned him last season" said Pants, referring to the very even-sided games played at the tail end of the campaign. "I schooled him good and that scum stole my team".

Pants, who 'schooled him' by finishing one point behind Witty, was quick however to dismiss claims he was living in the past.

"The Blues are so last season, it's all about Caligliari. Fuck Jerome, I've got Jeda now. And I'm going to Jeda mind-trick that Witty fuck too".

However, assembled Journalists were quick to point out that not only was it SomethingWitty's pick first, and just because Pants had played one season with them he had no claim of ownership over them at all, but Cagliari play in more of a burgandy strip than 'plum', rendering at least 80% of the above headline inaccurate.

"Oh yeah? Well FUCK YOU TOO" replied Pants. "Do you fucking want some you failed-writer journo FUCK!?!?! Come here so I can ram that HB pencil down your coke-sniffing clammy fat fucking twat-face!"

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Bolton in disaray as Coyle goes and Charliemouse takes over

Coyle is sacked in under a month as Bolton turn to Charliemouse to lead them in the new season. Rookie manager Charliemouse is a unknown quanity but he has promised the Bolton fans that he is the right man for the job and will turn Bolton, mainly known for their long ball football into the Arsenal of the north.

Club Captain Gary Cahill spoke out in support of the new manager minutes after the news was announced. "I hear he is a good tactictian who loves to play passing football and I feel our fans who have suffered with years of hoofball are gonna love the football we play under the new gaffer".

Charliemouse refused to make a statement to the media at this time as he was too busy training with his new team before the season starts next week.

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Alright then lads!

It's an interesting bunch of teams, that's for sure.

So, I'm sure you new boys are all a bit 'unsure' about how all this works and what not. The key really is to just enjoy it. Have a quick skim over last season Premierships or Ryman's threads, there's all sorts of banter, willy waving, in jokes, etc. It was a bit quiet last season in the Ryman's thread, hopefully you are all mouthy fuckers pleasant chaps.

The best thing about the league is that it's almost always played very sportingly. In fact, there's quite the debate elsewhere as to whether 'lurking' (standing in front of a defender at an opposition's goal kick to nick a cheap goal) should be allowed or is fully part of the game. Some feel that there's plenty of options from a goal kick so if you pass it straight out then it's your fault. Others feel it's a sin worse than paedophilia. I personally don't do it, but if it's part of your game, go for it. You will find however that you'll probably get lower post game ratings as a result.

One thing we didn't manage but every other league did, was full post-game match stats. It's all explained HERE. Rather than spend fours hours writing them all down after a game, most people take a picture of the Fifa game's stats screen with their camera phone and add it in later/at work while skiving.

I'd really love to us all use this, with such a random selection of teams it'd be interesting to see which in-game player ends up as top scorer.

I guess the only other thing is that all other leagues have a predictions side game going. We clearly can't do that as none of us have any idea how good other people are. Anyone got any ideas for something else?

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The lurking thing really pisses me off and I never do it as its just really cuntish behavior really.

Its gonna be a really open league I feel as all the teams are as bad as each other , though maybe Blackburn are slightly better but there isn't anything in it really.

Whenever I'm playing with friends, we have a common agreement not to score from a goal kick the first time somebody passes it to the striker, but after that fairs fair. I'll probably adhere to that here.

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I've tried the forgotten password form Saint, using the e-mail address I emailed you with. I'm not sure what to do next. Sorry for having this in the thread, can't PM until I've made a few more posts.

Check your junk folder if using gmail. Thats where mine ended up.

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