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Things you've never done in gaming

Sigourney Beaver

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Thanks to the expenditure thread I've been more conscious of the money I spend on games and how few I play to the end. So in recent weeks I've been making the effort to stick with my games to the end. It suddenly dawned on me that I have never finished a handheld game. And I've had seriously loads of handheld games over the years. Then my mind wandered on to other things I've never done in gaming. These are:

Finish a Final fantasy game

I've had a good crack at VI and several good goes at VII but I just drift away somehow. Hopefully, this will change with Crystal Bearers.

Beat the bat boss on Castlevania level 1

I find this seriously hard. I come back to it once in a while but I still can't do it.

Got anywhere in Halo on legendary

Seriously, how the fuck are you supposed to survive?

Had a complete games collection

Hats off to those who get a full collection of MD games, for example. Dedication's whatcha need.

Completed Tetris

Ugh. Painful memories... and thumbs.

Owned a Neo Geo

I remember at school reading the Special Reserve adverts in the back of mags and marvelling at the cost of the games for it. Come work and money I didn't follow through my childhood ambitions.

Bought a Neo Geo Pocket Colour at launch

I really regret not doing this. I got one a couple of years ago but the games I have are loose carts. If I'd not been swayed by the Game Boy Colour I would've been able to buy the proper retail versions of the NGPC games.

Anything you've not done yet or regret not doing?

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In any game with any sort of choice system I have never once played as a bastard, I just end up feeling really bad if I try.

I couldn't kill any of the Little Sisters in Bioshock.

In my second game (where I usually play bad guy) I got as far as standing over the helpless girl, the choice was mine to make.

And even though I knew she wasn't real, that she was a construct made from math formulas and light patterns.....I couldn't do it.

And this is going to sound stupid but I couldn't do it because I was worried it would damage me in some way. I had literally found my limit in a game.

Now I'm not judging anyone who slaughtered them all. They aren't real. And I don't think making the other choice would have led me to becoming a murderer.

It was my line that I wasn't going to cross. To kill an innocent for entertainment.

Short version, I've never played bad guy in Bioshock.

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i never completed sonic 2. could not and still can not seem to get to grips with that last boss, so every few months i breeze through the game in 40 minutes, absolutely loving it, and then squander the 30-ish lives/continues i've earned along the way in one long run-jump-die-repeat sequence until i'm out of lives and entirely, utterly demoralised.

one day, one day....

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I've never unlocked the achievement points/trophies on any game.

What any at all? I find that hard to believe, unless you only play the first 5 mins of every game and then stop...

As for me, I've never played System Shock 2. I know!! I've tried but its jsut too old these days.

Ditto with Elite. I've recently got hold of a version I can play on my DS, keep dying and can't be arsed.

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Download the Saturn Emulator, get some good RLLMUK recommendations for purchases then start buying them cheap off eBay! You owe it to yourself to have/play Panzer Dragoon Saga, NiGHTS, Radiant Silvergun, D&D, Burning Rangers, Guardian Heroes and all the Capcom fighters.

They aint missing much.

My best mate had a Saturn, at the same time i had a Playstation. He tried to believe it was the better machine. even back then at the age of 12, it was obvious to see how shite it was. This culminated in us both having Wipeout and him eventually breaking.

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If I have the choice of gender in a game I will never pick the male character.

Don't know what this says about me. Maybe I prefer to stare at a woman for hours rather than a man? Yeah, let's go with that.

This! Both for aesthetic reasons and also because people, or at least myself, tend to find female characters easier to become emotionally invested in. Probably the best example is that when I recently started Mass Effect 1, I chose a female character because, what with it apparently being a space drama, I thought it'd allow me to care about the story more than if it was a shaven-headed spacesuit-clad American Grant Mitchell-a-like.


I never bought Panzer Dragoon Saga at launch.

Okay, not many did. except I remember standing in Future Zone (Or it might have been EB by then) trying to decide between Panzer Dragoon Saga and Duke Nukem 3D. I opted for Nukem. :) In all fairness, it's cause I'd played and enjoyed it, whereas I hadn't even heard of Saga before; the cover art and the concept of four discs for one game attracted me.

I ended up buying it for £85 a decade later, completing it and selling it for £45, meaning it cost me £40... the price it had been when I had the option of buying it years before. ^_^

I've never gotten close to completing Secret of Mana.

I've been a fan of this game since it launched. I played it at a cousin's house when I was a kid. Owned a cartridge later on. Played a rom even! And yet for some reason I've never gotten much farther than the Water Temple. Not because of the challenge, I just... don't play anymore. Even though I love it.

I've never gotten close to completing Link to the Past.

Same, but I got much farther than Mana. A week or two ago I tried again from scratch and got further still, hopefully I'll go back before too long.

I've never owned a Spectrum.

In the course of my childhood I owned two Commodore 64Cs, a VIC20 and a CPC464, but never a Speccy! :hug:

I've never completed Majora's Mask

By this point I know what happens in the ending, but I'm told there's a lot to be discovered along the way. My young brother completed it and says I should too, but a few years ago I tried to play it and got confused before I even got to the first dungeon. :omg:

I've never owned or played a NeoGeo Pocket Color

Which is amazing really, as I've always from them appealing personally. My local Gamestation's selling one for £29.99 with no games, and have had it in for literally years, but I can't quite bring myself to spend more than £20 if possible, at least in that effing shop.

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They aint missing much.

My best mate had a Saturn, at the same time i had a Playstation. He tried to believe it was the better machine. even back then at the age of 12, it was obvious to see how shite it was. This culminated in us both having Wipeout and him eventually breaking.

I owned a Saturn, then a PlayStation, and to be honest although the PSone obviously has the better selection of games, I've always preferred the Saturn. The machine just had a better... "atmosphere", or vibe, for lack of a better word. As a bit of an example, take the boot sequences: Before I owned a PlayStation the bootup sequence seemed new and exciting, but it soon quickly became slow and boring. To this day the Saturn's bootup sequence still has that same magic it had in the mid-90's for me.

I might make a topic about the subject.

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Never managed to get my 32X to work.

Never finished Viewtiful Joe (the boss rush at the end was impossible!)

Never completed a GTA.

Never fancied Lara Croft (or Jolie).

I had this one until last night, when I finished off Lost and Damned, finishing both bits of Episodes from Liberty City.

It is a good day!

I echo all the Saturn sentiments in here, it was one of Sega's golden ages, sales or no. The console you can get Daytona on, in addition to Sega Rally, Touring Cars, Panzer Dragoon 1, 2 and Saga, Virtua Fighter 2, some of the best 2d fighter conversions, just so, SO much!

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