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I sense FIFA'11 won't be as much of a change as 10 was to 09, unfortunately. So I'd probably start trying to get used to it as I don't see another contender for the league's choice title coming along any time soon. PES is still fucked.

I don't think anyone expects massive changes. I think even the dissenters would agree that there are a lot of good additions in FIFA 10. The problem is that all that stuff needs better balancing. On a technical level I don't expect FIFA 11 to be a significant change over 10 - but I do expect a lot of tweaks, resulting in a game that places the good things they added on top of a game that is actually fun to play.

They've had a while with this new version now. I fully expect an improved WC game, followed by a real return to form in FIFA 11.

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Over the last couple of days I have been working on the LB 'hold the ball up and face the goal' button. It is really effective to break up the play and change the pace. Attackers seem to take up much better positions in the box when you do this from a crossing position too.

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I've come to the conclusion I'm fucking awful at this. Maybe it's been clear to everyone else for years - like that weird guy at college who everyone tried to actively avoid yet still turned up uninvited to parties. You'd stand in the Kitchen going "Surely he knows he's really odd, no-one's that odd who doesn't know it, right?". And yet no-one tells him because everyone's too polite.

Well that's me. Bottom of the Ryman's League, I've scored 3 goals in six games. I scored a whopping 1.28goals per game last season. Thing is, everyone says 'oooh close games, unlucky mate', but I can't be that unlucky all the time. I must be shit.

I'm definitely OK at BAP. Passing it quickly, coming back if I need to, etc. I follow all the advice I can when playing 1v1 player, don't rush it forward, build up play, I do create chances - 11 shots off target/8 on & 10off/6on in my last two games, just.... I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


The only consolation is that I was at United for last season's BAP, if I was truly, truly awful they'd have told me constantly. Because they're all cunts.

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I've seen it before - you'd pretend to be my pain buddy then as soon as Timmo comes back to the league and starts moaning *bang!* you'd drop me quicker than a hot potato full of AIDS.

At least you're sat in the lofty position of the chumpionship. Being a League-one supporter in real life, it's like hearing Rafa Benitez moaning about having no money to spend. :o

I'm second from bottom in the fucking Ryman's league. I've so far only one point more than BIRMINGHAM. And he's got TWO GAMES IN HAND ON ME.

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