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Rllmuk Music Competition


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RLLMUK Music competition!

Little bit of a change this time around, and I'll let this run until around mid-March, just so everyone has plenty of time. And the (new) idea is you take the following sample and use it - and, preferably, abuse it - to create your track (you can use the whole sample or just a little bit, doesn't matter).


Midi Version (100BPM, C minor)

The sample can be included and modified in any way you see fit (we'll allow just taking the melody as well, on rumblecat's suggestion), but as long as it's used in some way as the catalyst for your creation, then that's all that really matters!

There is no restriction on genre - Rock, Accoustic, Classical, Jazz, Electronica, we don't care. Just compose the track within the month (the idea is you use your current mood or feelings to create something).

Closing date 20th March

After the closing date you'll have roughly 10 days to vote a winner. Also expect some advice, critique and comments - just keep it constructive and friendly.

And above all have fun.

The winner gets to choose the next subject!

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I'm really digging that tune Duncan, it's got a nice flow through it :(

If that's a rushjob and easy to do, as you say, what do you need to know to be able to create something like this? What specific programs do you use?

Cheers! Ableton, basically. I like working in shorter sequences than a traditional DAW allows, although the downside of this is that 99% of the stuff I make is about 8 bars long :omg:

The main synth is Camel Audio's Alchemy, which is really good, the choir was shoehorned in because I realised that they'd just released a free update with choir stuff, and the drums are boring because I'm rubbish at programming drums, so that was Stylus RMX :D

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Hi guys. Sorry kind of forgot about this. Did have a play around near the beginning of March but then lost interest and motivation way too quickly. Really like both of the tracks though. 187 was a bit over my head! But sounded really cool. What should we do with the music comp now? Could leave it for a bit and try and make a comeback in May or something?

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Heads it is! Congrats Duncan! Shame we couldn't have a penalty shoot out or something. Duncan do you want to pick a word and start a thread? If you can't be bothered with the thread just pick a word and I'll do one tomorrow...

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