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Right, I know there's a separate thread for it, but as a few have mentioned it, I'll ask here.

Is Spartacus actually any good. I've seen clips and, though "wow it has a lot of boobs", it does seem a bit pish. It doesn't seem the kind of show that the BBC or Channel 4 would be fighting to get the rights for, and even Five may turn its nose up at it.

Is it good in the "well, it's OK, and has a lot of boobs, so I'll kind of forgive it for not being great" kind of sense?

I'm kind of looking for more than good, here, I'm looking for great.

It seems a little like Charmed level of good, where you'd watch it for the on screen eye candy, but it is actually a bit dreadful.

I'm looking for programmes here that husband and wife could sit down to watch together, and enjoy equally. Spartacus kind of strikes me more as the kind of thing husband could watch on his own, and if wife watched with him she'd be thinking "what the fuck is this shit, clearly he only wants to watch it for all these boobs wobbling round all over the place".

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Legend of the Seeker verges on soft porn on occasion, no out-and-out tits out shots but main characters (female and male) whip their tops off at regular intervals. A seriously hot aussie girl joins in season 2 and within about 5 minutes she's pictured in a leather bondage outfit, skinny dipping and lezzing it up.

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