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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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Is there still a rllmuk server running and if so could someone PM me the details?

I've just started playing this last night and although I'm enjoying the single player, I wouldn't mind a world with a bit more going on in it.

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Alots happened on the server I see. Ive started doing some work on my base again.

Just had a bit of excitment, was strip mining and heard a starnge noise I now have a mine full of slimes :) Never seen them before :) Ace!

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You guys have created some pretty fine shit on the server. Only seen a few of you online though, surely it wasn't all built by you guys?

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A sneaky basicly never posting lurker I may be but I felt the need to post something where others will understand the pain...

I learnt my lesson with Minecraft, I keep a save game back up, elsewhere on the same hard drive... See where this is going. Drive boom... Many hours and hours of re-installing and what not on a new drive, shiny fresh new windows install, all my new fangled games, Dawn of War, WoW, (Shogun 2 soon!) and all I care about is the lack of that tiny little few meg file that held so much of my imagination and time (mostly spend doing shit I didn't actually mean to, but you know how it is) and I have nothing left, not even 1 screen shot.

Bah Humbug. Might fiddle with the seed thing for my next world, anyone found any decent words to try yet?

Oh and gonna usb stick the fucker this time, yey for free tat with games (forza 3!).

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Minecraft music vids still make me feel like I'm gazing into the aspie abyss.

Edit: Damn you gargamel! Every time I see a particularly pleasing world, it makes me pine for an actual game made with the Minecraft engine.




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And nice pics above ^^

And I decided to move my base.

I realised a massive lake with underwater walkways and big rooms looks great at night but during the daytime just looks big and flat and blue.

Now we have a funky new seed generating map thingy I decided to make a more interesting world and, section-by-section, transplant my existing base onto/into it.

Even with editing tools it was a big job - the underwater sections are still there but many are hidden beneath the mountains - which makes for a much better view from the dock.

Originally the lake in front was way too open and empty- through the day it was a bit of a shit view, this is an old pic (but with some lighting still visible underwater, imagine it with the underwater bits invisible as they are through the day:

post-5095-022035100 1299781107_thumb.jpg

So I cut the base into eight sections, some underwater some above, and generated a new, more interesting map.

Then it was a matter of location, massive editing of "edges" and water levels, leaks and missing corridors and so on until I had it all in place, ready to "properly" work on with the final few connections of my transport system (Maze and Forest rooms need connecting as does the main "incoming" rail link) then re-start a mine and bingo.

Here are two views, day and night:

post-5095-084189400 1299781479_thumb.jpg

post-5095-029022000 1299781498_thumb.jpg

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Peter Molyneux just posted this on twitter.

I am caught up in Minecraft frenzy, me and my son Lucas invite you to test our world on

web • 13/03/2011 12:47

Oh dear; world of hurt!

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