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Nintendo 3DS - first thread


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Just curious - how do you sit when playing? I'm usually lying on my bed with my elbows anchored to a pillow or cushion, which helps keep the console in the right position.

Oddly the final straw was when I was playing in bed last night. Which was the first time I'd played it there.

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if I play a load of my sister's DS games and one of them turns out to be an ebay knockoff will Ninty brick my console with the next update? :unsure:

Of course not - there'll be lots of them floating about that people just don't realise they have so they'd have a crisis on their hands with kids crying about their broken DSes and they don't know why.

I think I'm caving, j.m.ratkos has the 3DS for a very good price - I think three games is more than enough though. What should I choose out of Street Fighter, Ghost Recon, Ridge Racer and Pilotwings?

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I want Nintendogs+Cats but I don't want to pay more than £15 for it.

I just signed up to Lovefilms 30 day free trial, which is £15 a month when it runs out. Ordered Nintendogs and Pro Evo, as I can't see them both interesting me longer than a couple of months really...

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How did you find out?

Email to the address you signed up with.

Congratulations, there's a free Nintendo 3DS T-shirt waiting for you!

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I think I'm caving, j.m.ratkos has the 3DS for a very good price - I think three games is more than enough though. What should I choose out of Street Fighter, Ghost Recon, Ridge Racer and Pilotwings?

I have all 4, and I'd say lose Ridge Racer from that list.

It's good, but the others are better.

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Long wait for anything new by the looks of these release dates. Personally waiting for Zelda because I somehow never played it first time around:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Stealth Force Edition 3D - June 14

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II - May 24

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion - May 24

Dream Trigger 3D - April

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game - May

DualPenSports - May


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - June 19

Cave Story 3D - June 28

DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions - May

SpongeBob SquigglePants - May 17

Driver Renegade - Spring

Rabbids Travel in Time - April 10

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D - April 10

James Noir's Hollywood Crimes - June 7

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - June 7

Seems these are US release dates but generally close to UK ones by a few days.

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The press release confirms that the master quest is included as well.

Do people think (or even know whether or not) you'll be able to choose the master quest from the start, or unlock it by beating the main game?

I've played it through when it was first released, so I don't mind doing it again since I can't remember much about it, but if I can go right into the quest I've never played at all, I'll probably do that!

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When I played the Master Quest, I found knowing the original quest gave me a lot of preconceptions RE: how to get keys in dungeons and stuff, which totally messed with my head.

Today I got two streetpass hits, one of whom I think is a tiny girl working at GAME Princes Street. Along with five cats, they were enough to get me a glorious Link cap.

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RE: Mercs 3D - Captivate Trailer

-Though anyone who is familiar with Mercenaries will know this, the characters all have different attributes past their customization. Some hit harder, some are faster, some can take more hits, and some have special abilities (like Wesker’s quick dash, a dash which sprints forward and kills enemies in the way, at the sacrifice of some health).

-There are 30 skills in the game, each with 3 stages of evolution, and you can equip three per round. You unlock more skills by achieving higher scores in stages.

-Some of these skills include “Fast Reload”, “Thunderbolt” (which adds an electric effect to your melee attacks), “Medic” (which makes healing items give you a bit more health), “Toughness” (which reduces damage), “Luck” (which increases resistance to an instant kill move), “Reversal” (which powers up melee attacks when your health is low), and “Handgun Technique” (makes aiming with handgun smoother and less fidgety).

-You can keep the RE5 & RE4 Third-Person shooting if you like, or go with the First-Person shooting perspective. You can change it on the preferences menu for the game.

-The character selection may be more than the previously believed 8. The new trailer shows a 9th slot on the select screen and an extra row of possible selectable characters, which could suggest the characters number is 12.

-You change costumes for a character by pressing X on the Character Select Screen.

-Weapons are upgradable, like in RE5.

-In the game, Knives are upgradable.

-Infinite Ammo is unlockable and can be turned on and off for game matches.

-In the trailer, you can see a “Remixed” stage, which is Public Assembly at Night. However, strangely the level design of the whole stage looks completely different.

-Tutorials exist for the player. These may or may have not been the “30 Missions” mentioned earlier. We know three missions include going from goal post to goal post, shooting an explosive barrel, and using melee moves only to kill an enemy.

-The announcer giving you instructions seems to be the same voice of the guy who made Leon become a Government Agent in Darkside Chronicles. It could be implied that Josh Stone may be playable then, as he was the previous announcer to Mercenaries with Jill replacing him in Mercenaries Reunion where he was playable. Since Jill is confirmed playable, this could mean Josh is as well.

-More than one boss monster may be out at a time. You could be dealing with two or three Executioners at once.




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