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On 25/03/2010 at 13:23, Joyrex-J9 said:

Just noticed that the "Recommended MAME ROM" list link was broken, (it was a static page hosted by Rob and it got lost in the server cut over)

Thinking about it I remember we had a stab at doing some recommend/essential game lists using Google Docs a while back but it never got off the ground.

Soong's gamertag spreadsheet has been very successful so I think this is worth another try. Due to the weird way permissions work on shared docs I have to allow everyone access to the spreadsheets. No other way to do it, but if some idiot messes it up you can revert to previous revisions. I think we got a little tied up with semantics and rules on what should/shouldn't go on the lists in the past. I say get everyone to add away then we can maybe prune it and argue about it later.

If this takes off, maybe we can make a sticky out of it.



The SNES and Megadrive lists are already populated from before, but the others are empty. Of course feel free to create lists for the systems I missed out, just make sure you give everyone edit access, post the link in here and I will add it to the list (list of lists!)

I'd really like to make a go of this, be nice to have some definitive lists, certainly to point people at when posting "I've just got a <blah> what games are good for it?" type topics.


None of these links work any more. Does anyone have the original files since Joyrex left? Otherwise I'm just going to unpin it.

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1 hour ago, Lorfarius said:


None of these links work any more. Does anyone have the original files since Joyrex left? Otherwise I'm just going to unpin it.


@Lorfarius  No, none of us have, hence the new one. Just pin mine in place if you like.


I've got a backup just in case ( @Qazimod ;) )

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My mate got a PS One (one of those small slim ones) for Christmas and plays on it a surprising amount. It’s his birthday soon so figured I’d get him a cheapo game he might like. Can anyone suggest something?


I want one of two things, probably preferring the former:


A multiplayer game (he has two multi taps) that allows at least four players. He has Micro Machines, International Track & Field and a random PGA golf game. He played the first two to death as a kid, and they’re still great fun, whereas we chanced upon the golf game randomly and had a really fun time doing nine holes with four of us passing the pad around. So I don’t want to get him something too similar to those because he will just compare another Racing game to micro machines, and every golf game is about the same. He doesn’t like football so ISS is a no go.


Failing that, a game he can play on his own. He’s a massive nerd (despite being a tough guy rugby lad who loves beer) so was actually our dungeon master when we tried our hands at D&D. He’s also way into baldurs gate and skyrim and is currently playing through FFVII (trying to get a million chocobos or something? Idk, never played it) so could get him something to play after that. Something with great depth that he can put loads of hours into if he wants. Is there anything anyone can think?


Preferably for about a tenner on eBay, and in English.

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Quake II has 4-player split screen deathmatching, and plays very well - I had a load of fun with it in my student days. Syndicate Wars also supports 4 players, apparently, though I never tried that. Definitely an engaging single player game though, and I assume the multiplayer is just a co-op version of that.

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