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Sorry about that tackle guys, I was terrible in the 2nd match. Thought I had a blinder in the 1st game mind.

That being said, the fact we could have got something from both games if we were a little more clinical means its not all doom and gloom. If we had a full-strength team tonight I reckon we would have got at least three points.

My place is front of goal, sorry :D

In front of goal waiting on the edge of the area for the penalty you conceded to be taken :lol:

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Weekly summary

bap_6.gif RPL Wanderers 2 - 0 RPL Athletic bap_2.gif

bap_2.gif RPL Athletic 1 - 3 RPL Wanderers bap_6.gif

Manager's comments

Although the results didn't go our way, I'm happy that to a man we did what we could. The absences (and dropouts) meant we had to play in areas we were not expecting to, but nobody gave less than 100% for the team. We were always in the games and with a bit sharper finishing I think we'd of been challenging for the points. If you guys put in the same effort week on week, we'll be climbing that table before you know it!

Highest rated player

55.pngsith - Avg rating: 7.25

Despite an ill-judged block attempt that gave away a penalty, sith was a rock the team could rely on.

Player's Man of the Match

Away game


A solid performance that helped keep the game open.

Home game


Our only goalscorer of the night, and also took on the joint-any duties at short notice.


Season summary (after week 1):

Pos: 5th

Pld: 2

W/D/L: 0/0/2

F/A/GD: 1/5/-4

Pts: 0

Top rated players

Defender: Scratch (6.5)

Midfielder: sith (7.25)

Attacker: TheOutsider (7)

MotM awards / votes

Sith (1 awards, 3 votes)

TheOutsider (1 awards, 3 votes)

SaintM (0 awards, 4 votes)

ps. Sort out some profiles chaps!

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