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Getting comments like "that pass was fucking shit" really don't help.

Aye, there is no need for that kinda talk. The people talking like that need to chill a bit.

Also, being shouted at every time the full-backs go over the half way line winds me up. The full-backs should support if the attack is progressing on their side of the field and others should cover for them - we (and particularly me) need to talk more during play.

I don't think that's a black and white issue to be honest.

Outsider had control of the two wingers and CAM, so he was not able to give the WBs any cover when they moved forward.

Also remember that Chris was playing at RB for the first time ever, Razzle was at CB for his second time ever and I am shit, then you can understand why I was eager to try and keep the defence and CDM deep and together.

When we've settled and got a bit more experience playing with each other in those areas I'll be more happy to 'release the hounds'. Until then though I'd prefer we be more cautious, so please bear with me getting a bit panicked if I see a WB come over all Roberto Carlos.

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Not sure if that is a dig at me or a dig at Mike but either way, fuck off ;)

Haha! I think you're right personally; if you go forward someone drops.

However if people are saying different things/believe different things, then the manager needs to make it clear what your role is. If he's already told you "stay there" then fine.

It's not a dig more; if you're all saying/doing different things someone needs to get the roles and positions and players ordered.

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Maybe its like you have one half of the team doing the "dirty" stuff and the other (the attackers mainly) going all "Barcelona" for half the season with everyone knowing that they'll get their chance for the other half.

Its a bit crap being all disciplined and all that but its more enjoyable when things are going your way. I have no problems mixing it up if someone wants to swap positions with me in the next game if they dont fancy there position.

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What I said at the start of the season still stands. Anyone who plays half a season in defence will get the option to have half a season further up field.

I still want to look at different formations though. Just need to get more than 2 people together on practice night! ;)

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I think the main thing to do, is not get too dismayed and reactive.

We could of easily come away with 4 points last night, so we should not lose sight of that.

I promise now, this moment, that Athletic will not finish 7th this season.

You have my word on that, and my word is golden.

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Sith hasn't responded, so here are the results anyway!

Weekly summary

bap_5.gif RPL Rovers 2 - 2 RPL Athletic bap_2.gif

bap_2.gif RPL Athletic 2 - 3 RPL Rovers bap_5.gif

Manager's comments

A hard couple of games where the makeshift defence was put under a lot of pressure. It could of so easily been us returning with 4 points, but concentration dropped and it wasn't to be.

We're still very much making up lost ground on the other teams in regards to game time together, but there were glimpses of a decent team there, when we stopped trying to sprint and through ball everywhere and played some nice pass and move stuff.

Highest rated player

39.pngVincenzo - Avg rating: 8.2

Player's Man of the Match

Away game


Home game


Taking control of the midfield and scoring a couple of goals, TheOutsider was the an easy choice for many people.


Season summary (after week 2):

Pos: 6th

Pld: 4

W/D/L: 0/1/3

F/A/GD: 5/10/-5

Pts: 1

Top rated players

Defender: Scratch (6.5)

Midfielder: TheOutsider (6.69)

Attacker: Vincenzo (8.2)

MotM awards / votes

TheOutsider (3 awards, 9 votes)

Sith (1 awards, 4 votes)

SaintM (0 awards, 4 votes)


Only 5 people in the entire squad have played both weeks, and not one practice session has gone ahead as planned. The next two weeks will be crucial as we face City and United. If we go into them as unprepared as we have these first two opponents, it could be a rough ride. Let's keep our chin up, stay positive and start to pull the team together.

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Scratchy and razzle can make it for praccy, though tmb isn't gonna be around until the matches. Something about having to stop nefarious plot involving an underground crime syndicate located under the sands of Giza.

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Craig has left the club. :lol:

Jamin has replaced him. :facepalm:

Nothing else has changed, other than we had a pretty good practice session.

I think we'll get better as we go along, but I certainly thought Razzle improved as the night went on, as did Vincenzo up front.

Cheers outsider for taking on the any duties, I know it never really lets you concentrate on you CAM role but I think you're capable :(

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