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RPL City - Season 9


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Yeah Ricky, I should be around for some Baptice tonight, start at 10? Let Jamie and Wincho talk about there one game of glory last night aswell they can have there moments but just like last season united lack the consistancy that makes champions :(

Fucking loved the way we shaped up last night! Charlie looks a crackin buy we can give him the right guidance and make him a superstar! And to see pete and jamie at the back again made me let out a little bit of man wee!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of you chaps in action if you can get online for a practice, Ill be around a little bit more than usual this week so we can get in tip top shape :lol:

Right I'm off now I have to go take the garbage out and buy some groceries! :(

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10 is a little late starting for me Steels, I'm back at work on Tuesday, can we not start at 9.00pm instead so we can get more games in? I suspect most people will want to be going around 11 tonight, so starting at 10 only gives us 2-3 games max!

Oh and Steely, I LOVE!!! Donovan lol.

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I might be playing soccerball with Baring at that time, I won't be back till about 9.40. Unless you wanna go on without me and I will join in when I get back :lol:

And Donovan is sitting at CAM for the time being :(

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I want to play Soccer! :(

Ok, well 5AMO, Peter, Br00n, Railton, Jamie, Charlie and Somethingwitty.

Try and get on for 9.00pm tonight if you can?

Mack, we will give you boys soem games if your about then!

I'll be on at 9 so send me an invite :lol:

Wasn't aware where I had gone until i spoke to scratch this morning!!


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I really enyoyed the games last night boys and not to offend my former team, there is defintly a better class of player here and I just hope I won't you down too much at right back.

No offence taken.

I think we'll be more solid at the back this season :P

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Well played chaps, I can only apologise for my shoddy any performance! I have no idea what happened to my passing but it was painful ;) Still is was good to get some more games under our belt to get the gelling going abit. We shall have another gathering on Wednesday night after the Man Utd game, what ever time it finishes. Hopefully not extra time....

So next practice is Wednesday after the ManUtd match lets see if we can get a good turn out :( (Not you though Baring, your not welcome to join us ;) )

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