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Indian firm buys-out 50% of Codemasters


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1) After having tens of millions thrown at them by venture capitalist and merchant bank types why did Codemasters need to be "rescued"? Where has all the money gone?

They stretched too far and were short on cash. They've been cash strapped for a while now. It's probably all gone on wages for the next year or so because they have no titles coming out short-term.

2) If Codemasters is such a good buy and their IP so precious why didn't somebody like, say, Warners or Sega buy them up at such a bargain price?

They'd want to company lock stock. Not 50%. I think I remember hearing about a few big publishers sniffing around but they all made different purchases probably because they got a better deal, rather than IP.

3) Why did the Indian's buy into Codemasters? What is in it for them?

Why does it matter where they originate from? They're a global company. They have a stake in lots of companies all over the world.

EDIT: the Indians didn't buy it by the way. They didn't pool their money.

4) Indian wages are substantially less than UK wages. How safe are Codemasters development jobs in the UK?

When is Dreamworks being shipped out? It's not all just going to go off to India because quite frankly they don't have as much talent and it would cost more money to make new offices. Countries like India has been a "threat" to our jobs for a while now but for the most part nothing has come of it. All the work has gone to Canada so there is nothing left.

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