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World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Sergeant Squid

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Ulduar has always been fun (except for wiping repeatedly trying to get Orbituary).

Malygos became fun when they added gear scaling so that you didn't have to rely on the mouthbreathers in your raid to do things right to actually get a kill at all.

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Hey look Squid, they talked about exactly what we were talking about before:


First off, I would avoid any discussion of glyphs at all. We haven't finalized our glyph changes, but it's safe to say that many will change and many will go away. I cautioned the folks participating in the alpha that feedback isn't terribly useful that says something like "We'll never use that talent because of the glyph" or "We always prioritize X because of the glyph." Treat glyphs like current set bonuses. Relevant now, but perhaps not later.

For Fury, we expect Whirlwind to only get used when there are multiple targets around. We run into balancing problems when warriors (and DKs and Ret paladins and anyone else) do their normal rotation on one target and just get free damage if they can manage to get a second target into the same area. Melee need to work more like (most) casters in this regard: the Shadow priest shifts to Mind Sear when there are groups rather than just getting splash damage from Mind Blast.

That leaves Fury with Bloodthirst and Slam and Heroic Strike. Heroic Strike will play more of a role since it will require a GCD, but you also may not want to push it every time in low rage scenarios. So we do think Fury will need one more rotational button. The one we are messing with right now is Victory Rush. It feels pretty cool so far, but a lot of things will change with classes over the next several weeks. Not sure yet whether it works better as a proc (like Sudden Death) or something available all the time.

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You know, I utterly despised vehicle quests at first but I (somehow) quite enjoy The Siege of Ulduar and Malygos now. The quest vehicles were utter abortions though. That stupid fucking tank thing in Dragonblight that doesn't drop gnomes half the time, and FUCK ME that pet quest in Zul'drak, blow up trolls with an abom. You know, the one that works about 25% of the time. Urrrgghhhhhh.

I love the Seige, it's one of my favourite bits of Ulduar. It works really well I think. On the inverse I really hate any flying based vehicle combat (Especially trying to control the little hover pod things at Maly) I just don't really think the game is built to handle it very well, it always 'feels' lifeless to me.

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So there's a quest in the goblin starting area to free slaves by charging up their brains, resulting in them having 'good ideas'. Here's some of the best:




I hope they have the balls to keep that one in.

Also, allegedly the male goblin dance is Soulja Boy.

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Hmmmm. While I'm still some way off from the Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III stage, I have to say *everything* about the goblins and the long (and dare I say 'epic) new low level questlines, along with reports that some Bioware-style branching quest decisions are in and this little quote I noticed today - "There are some Elite-Mobs having a flamethrower, they carry a gas-tank on their back which is attackable. By killing it, it explodes and kills the mob" - are all going some way to actually making the expansion a lot more tempting than I thought it would be.

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No idea why. Maybe they got some vague legal threat, apparently that's why they took out the troll joke that referenced Smoke Two Joints.

Some Eastern Kingdoms updates in this last build.

The Sepulcher:



Silverpine Forest:



Pyrewood Village:



Greymane Wall and Shadowfang Keep:




Tarren Mill:




Looks like they're re-using Northrend architecture, or at least using it as placeholders. Either way it's OK because it looks great.

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WoW:Emerald Dream features will include just 3 stats across gear! +Damaging +Healing and +BeingAbleToStandHitsInTheFace!

Because any more is obviously very complicated indeed!

You do know it's not compulsory that you play warcraft? If you don't like the way the game is changing you can always stop playing. Just because you have invested a lot of time in the game up to now does not mean blizzard have an obligation to alter the game to suit your specific needs.

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WoW:Emerald Dream features will include just 3 stats across gear! +Damaging +Healing and +BeingAbleToStandHitsInTheFace!

Because any more is obviously very complicated indeed!

I'm not really sure why anyone is complaining about fucking buffs! If anything they needed consolidating just so you didnt lose out when the warriors shout overrode BoM and he didnt keep it up like a mong, or shamans dropped mana totems overriding BoW, then people refused to start until they got Bow. Or ANY situation where someone was missing a paladin blessing and it seemed like about 5 minutes just to sort out who was going to buff them.

The fact is, more buffs spread around the classes makes it easier to balance. Its the same reason that they put the buffs that increased health onto scrolls/drums, so that they could assume they were there and balance around them. Now they can at least assume some buffs are present and make the bosses harder to compensate. Isnt that what people want, it to be harder?

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GC's got it right on there. now that they can assume you'll have heroism/kings/whatever without having to fudge it with shitty items, they can design the fights with a higher bar in mind. and the wow is getting easier thing is stupid anyway because there are bosses in old word raids which are literally tank and spank with one gimmick spell, and the only reason it seemed hard was because the class design and itemisation was fucking terrible. but hey, if you want to set a pace time on the nürburgring in a golf cart, feel free to be a big dumb gay babby, just don't whinge when everyone points and laughs at you.

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Lots of new stuff in the new build. Plenty of old god shit.

Faceless Ones


Retextured General Vezax


Deepholme Ringworm


Troll Druid bear form (Unfinished)


Westfall looks a bit more vibrant and alive these days.



Southshore doesn't, lol



Pretty, pretty Silverpine



For all of you saving up for new PCs, bear this one in mind when picking a spec - there's support for DirectX 11 in this latest build for water and shadow effects. Keep that in thought while picking a graphics card.

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