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Had a surreal moment in it playing duos.


I was riding a motorbike into battle with my buddy on the back when I got booted to the dash. Instead of it kicking me from the game, he was rendered helpless while the bike sped across the map at full speed.


This came to a halt when said bike met the side of a building. He hopped off then the bike took off with my helpless player still at the controls.


By the time he caught up with me (and I managed to reconnect to the game) I was in a crumpled heap requiring revival, which he did, before we were flanked and slaughtered by another team. 

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Thought I'd park up my buggy and go check out the little building..



So I stayed like that for a bit. It was actually pretty good cover, couple of people went past and didn't batter an eye lid.


And I even hopped out for a kill.



Still only finished 8th though, even with my cunning plan.


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4 hours ago, gooner4life said:

Me and @Bleeders make a pretty good squad on PUBG :lol: think 14th was our best finish, we’re good until we have to do the shooty bits 


I was the same the other night apart from an epic double kill when I blew up two guys in a jeep with my assault rifle. My first and only kills so far! 

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