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Music Competition - May/June


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RLLMUK Music competition!

The task is simple; submit a piece of music surrounding this month's theme (see below). The word can be taken in any way that you wish, and rules will be incredibly lax on how you choose to do this, the main idea is that a good few of us actually submit something! I'll keep this running until mid-June ish this time around.

Obviously this is entirely up to you, and it's understood if people don't want to, but if you could make the track available for download (either via Soundcloud or something else) then it might help everyone to be able to give them a bit more of a listen (on mp3 players or phones or at work or whatever) in order to give them a proper critiquing!!

There is no restriction on genre - Rock, Accoustic, Classical, Jazz, Electronica, we don't care. Just compose the track within the month (the idea is you use your current mood or feelings to create something).

This month's theme (as chosen by rumblecat): Theme From My Movie

Closing date 15th June

After the closing date you'll have roughly 7 days to vote a winner. Also expect some advice, critique and comments - just keep it constructive and friendly.

And above all have fun. Was a great turnout last time around, let's keep it going!

The winner gets to choose the next subject!

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Anyone got anything in the works for this? I have something in progress but various factors (including world cup and Red Dead) have meant the deadline has creeped up on me. If nobody has anything yet can we maybe have until the end of the month?

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Yeah, let's extend it out to the end of the month. I'm almost done with one, just need to find some sort of penny whistle or something to stick in the middle. :( If we extend it for a couple of weeks we can go back to doing start / end of month like before.

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A 70's Jazz Funk track using Guitars for a change (sampled mind!) and the usual blend of organ and synth leads.

Bit longer then it needs to be but its the full version.

Once again i've gone for the sound filling style i personally enjoy to try and use up all the frequency space, so it bleeds a bit and i've not done much EQ really.

Tried to reduce my verb usage and it was monitored on headphones so the mix will probably sound wrong on certain systems.

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Hey sorry guys. I've been on holiday for the last couple of weeks with far less internet connection than anticipated... Meant to sort something out with the thread before I went but it all got really busy.. and of course that but-load of football on TV hasn't helped! Will we get any more in in the next couple of days? I don't think I'll be able to do anything myself... will have a listen tonight though!

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Watched the documentary "Searching For the Wrong-Eyed Jesus" a while back, so mine is sort of based on that- the sample of the woman is speaking is an old lady in the documentary, from the deep south, discussing the importance of believing in God. Chucked every instrument I've got lying around in the cupboard into it to- penny whistle, harmonica, clarinet, mini-glockenspiel, and also this great wee device called an E-bow which you stick on the guitar string and it vibrates it, making a continuous tone. Big Country used them a lot. :omg:




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