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Season 21 Cups

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This is the thread to confirm which cup people qulified for, as well as letting me know any mistakes i've made, first of all here is the link to show last seasons finishing positions and the corresponding cups - Linky

Champions League Qualifiers: (16)

Pot A:
1 Pompey88
2 JaminTastic
3 Baring
4 Steely
Pot B:
5 Tyler
6 LittleJoe
7 Sean_L_99
8 JohnnyArgos
Pot C:
9 Mackenie
10 PrimeAran
11 ryanski
12 Rocafella

4 people short so the following have been added to stop it being ridiculous, these are the remaining people currently in the premiership and Donnie who finished 10th in the prem last season:

Pot D:
13 Ricky
14 Sith
15 Dewranger
16 Donnie

Europa Cup(taking out the above 4): (20)

Pot A
1 Manic Minor
2 Humdrum
3 Mitchell
4 Fry Crayola
5 Superstartbeejay
Pot B
6 AlfromSleep
7 Smithstock
8 Siread
9 Wincho09
10 Nathan
Pot C
11 Joffy
12 railton89
13 Razzle
14 scratch
15 54M0
Pot D
16 Jayd
17 Timmo - NEW
18 tris3d - NEW
19 swallow - NEW
20 Saintm - NEW

Intertoto Cup: (24)

Pot A
1 Goldbricker
2 Alshie
3 Boobni82
4 Gambit
5 Billy Brown
6 Harbey
Pot B
7 PeterUK
8 Disciple
9 Big Gus
10 Slotter
11 Poppalarge
12 Shoes
Pot C
13 gingerling
14 Bleeders
15 SomethingWitty
16 Charliemouse
17 Zapp0mus1c
18 TommyMAT
Pot D
19 Birmingham
20 Tomox - NEW
21 Pilotwings - NEW
22 Jazzy - NEW
23 bedroombusinessman - NEW
24 xyzgames - NEW

This is how things stand at the moment, we could put the europa and the intertoto together as one tournament with 44 people in it or go as that. opinions? also wether to still have the groupn stages is up for debate.

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Yeah you could do that, PM them to you instead. I don't mind either way. We also need to make sure no-one else alludes to potential match scores before they are officially announced, either deliberately or accidentally.

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I think unless there is a major opposition we will go with group stages again, its a shame theres no way to display the group stages on a website as they don't look that good in the thread, will come up with the group tables shortly based on seeding.

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Group stages worked out well last season but the idea of sending results to Mackenie and keeping them quiet sounds better. Also having the fixtures a little tighter together is great.

I look forward to seeing what the groups look like. As long as i don't have to play Jamin in the group i'll be okay! :D

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Its a shame you cant beat me then isnt it :D

Nathan 1-5 Smithstock

Had alot of chances in this game, but couldnt finish them, smithstock deservedly won in the end, although i could have easily scored 5 and should have

I think he can dude!

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Lol either way when we're in the final i will rape him :D

What you do in your spare time is of no concern to us.

I liked the group stages too. Even if I nearly fucked up the result entering. Pm'ing you Mack, sounds like a much easier way for my fragil nind to follow.

It was cool playing people from other leagues and chatting about their team, how their season has gone, etc.

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a slight error was made when coming up with the lists which meant that we only had 19 in the europa and 25 in the intertoto, this has been rectified with the next person in line (the newcomer SaintM) being bumped to the intertoto which is were he would have gone. The group table will shortly be announced.

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because thats what it says on the cup qualification chart.

here is the original chart for anyone interested, im sure theres still room for improvement, and here is the one with everyones finishing positions - Linky

Edit: i tried to bump as little people as possible who are on that chart as it devalues it.

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newcomer, otherwise people like goldbricker would be ahead of yourself, basically everyone that is on that chart should be playing in the competition which they qualified for to give it meaning, except for the champions league, and then newcomers make up the gaps. do you think that's the best way?

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