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Champions League - Season 21

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JohnnyArgos 2-0 Mackenie

Mackenie 1-1 JohnnyArgos

Pleased to come away with these games with 4 points. The first game I took the lead early doors when Drogba chipped the ball over the keeper. I doubled my advantage in the second half when that man Drogba again managed to get the ball in the back of the net despite the best efforts of van der Sar. Mackenie chipped away but I think a deserved win for myself.

The second game was a completely different story. Mackenie really deserved to win - I didn't play particularly well and created few chances. I took the lead against the run of play with a really shitty goal where Mackenie's defender inexplicably headed the ball to an unmarked Anelka who buried it from a tight angle. Mackenie soon equalised however - himself with an equally shitty goal where John Terry and Petr Cech managed to run into each other allowing Berbatov the simple task of poking it into an empty net. The game itself was full of scrambles, shit play and a fair bit of lag - so certainly not one for the purist.

Cheers for the games Mack

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Roma Revel

60.gifRoma (tyler) 4 v 3 Bayern (PrimeAran) 43.gif

Vucinic 12, 15, 59

Badstuber 21

Gomez 42

Schweinsteiger 58

Toni 86

I led 2-0 before Prime mounted his comeback, turning the game on it's head to lead 2-3 on the hour with a Schweinseiger rocket. I managed to get back on terms almost immediately though, before scrambling a late winner. Probably harsh on Prime who I felt edged the control of the game.


Vucinic shocked his team mates with a hat-trick. His first goals of the season.


The headlines were still stolen by Toni though, with a late, scrambled winner.

43.gifBayern (PrimeAran) 1 v 3 Roma (tyler) 60.gif

Toni 18

Totti 22

Vucinic 28

Gomez 47

I seemed much better in the first half of this one, I'd peppered the Bayern goal before eventually getting the breakthrough via Luca Toni. That got the scoring underway and goals from Totti and Vucinic followed. A goal straight after the restart could have got Prime back in the match and he certainly had more of the ball in the second half but Roma held out.


A solid team performance kept Roma in control of their first half lead.

Two exciting games, cheers Prime. Good luck with the rest of your group games.

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Baring 4 v 2 Donnie

Donnie 1 v 3 Baring

Donnies crazy formation was a pain to get passed but i did in the end. Donnie got a few good goals and his passing accuracy was like 89%! 2 tight games mainly a midfield battle, when i went 3 at the back and gambled both games it paid off.

Cheers for the games bud and turning up ;)

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Steely 1-0 Sith

Steely 0-0 Sith

I was woeful going forward very fortunate not to lose both games. I still can't find my formation, this one was too defensive >< just can't find that happy medium. :ph34r: cheers for the games Sith.

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