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I dl'd the two CD files from dropbox - cheers Rudi - but it seems like the second file is missing the end. It cuts out at 50 minutes, and I'm literally tearing my hair out trying to figure out how much is missing without ruining it completely - gonna try to redownload from somewhere and wait up for it.

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I got my files from drop box, if it helps mine finished with a proper ending at 50.59.

Cheers Laine, so I'm now chasing my tail for ~59 seconds. Brilliant.

EDIT: mine cuts out at 50.16. Please someone tell me its worth trying to find the extra 43 seconds?

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All those struggling with torrents from public trackers get yourselves on a private tracker stat.

google btracs and reg at one of the sites in the section

Signup is open for these 6 Bittorrent trackers. Which are closed most of the time.

Most if not all will be tracking the finale and you will get near to if not max out your connection.

(point in case that tpb torrent slowed up for me as well so I used my private site and got it in 17 minutes :lol:

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