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Shogun II: Total War


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Ok, so I've just started this, mucked about in all the tutorials first like.

Now, I've chosen the same clan as the tutorial to begin, but for some reason, I cannot understand why the game keeps telling me there is bad public order in my only province. Even reading through the in game manual isn't helping (I love that theres a link to a video that doesn't work without fall of the samurai :/)

Anyway, someone please look and explain what I'm missing:


Is it something to do with the size of the army I have amassed there?

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The game isn't telling you that. The screen on the right shows that, due to your tax-rate, there's a -4 modifier to happiness in any province you control, from taxes. But the screen on the left, showing the actual public order, shows you the various modifiers for happiness and there are far, far more positives than the single negative (from tax rate). You have a total of +24, in fact, meaning that if you put the tax rate on the lowest it'd be +28 (which is totally superfluous). If you mouse over each of the icons you'll see exactly how much each one gives you - part of it will be from the garrison, but there are other factors too.

The screen on the right actual colour-codes the public order of your provinces - green for happy, yellow for stable (0 happiness), red for at-risk and unhappy.

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